Platelet Incubator with Agitator

Deepee has engineered the platelet incubator to provide safe environment to platelet bags. Well designed durable cabinet construction with Eco Friendly polyurethane insulation and high efficiency, CFC-Free refrigeration system ensures reliability and efficient performance of Platelet Incubators. Advanced Auto Calibrated Microprocessor based "µP 404 Control System " with integrated PID controlling system maintains  temperature of 22oC. precisely throughout cabinet and inbuilt high quality voltage regulator provides total safety against external voltage fluctuations.


DEEPEE Platelet Agitators are available to accommodate 24, 48 and 96 platelet bags capacity. DEEPEE engineers have utilized their core expertise to engineer durable and robust mechanism of Platelet Agitators to ensure smooth and noise less reciprocating movement of 70 +/- 5 RPM to increase platelet viability. Panel mounted RPM indicator shows current agitation strokes that assures agitator performance with integrated audio visual alarming system activates in case of agitation stops.


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