DIGITONE X-Ray Machine

DIGITONE-100-P X-Ray Machine

Digitone-100-P: 100mA, 100KVP, full wave rectified
100mA X-Ray Generator: Diagnostic X-Ray, Generator. ISI approved 7620-1986 part-1.
Output: 8KW as per ISI 7620-1986 single phase.
Rating: 25mA, 50mA and 100mA at 30 to 100KVP.
KVP Range: 30 to 100KVP in 15 KVP steps.
Time: Solid state electronic timer with timing range from 0.02 to 10 seconds in 24 steps.
Control: Complete with voltmeter, mA. Meter over load circuit breaker, voltage compensate Voltage between 170 volt to 260 volts in fine & coarse transformer for constant mA output at different KVP and line drops.
Tube Head: Imported X-Ray Tube, heavy duty transformer and high Voltage rectifiers etc. all immersed in high grade transformer oil.
Stand: Portable X-Ray stand.

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