Company : A.J.Costa

Category : Infection Control

Horizontal Steam Sterilizers

Horizontal steam sterilizers for Hospitals & Laboratories. The range of sterilizers Amaro 5000 have automatic operating doors that, respectively for Models AJC 70x70 and Models AJC 70x112, are vertical sliding doors and horizontal sliding doors.


Main features of Amaro 5000 series:



  • High-visibility color touch screen interface
  • Automatic command of cycles
  • F0 control of sterilization cycle
  • Validated cycles for hospital or laboratory loads
  • Digital printer
  • Safety-stop system for door movement in case of obstruction
  • Safety system against door opening in mid-cycle in case of power failure
  • Incorporated energy and water saving systems
  • Equipment fully built in stainless steel, with chamber and doors in AISI 316 L
  • Optionally supplied with 1 or 2 pneumatic operated sliding doors
  • Vacuum system with a liquid ring vacuum pump;
  • Accurate PT-100 temperature sensors and electronic absolute pressure sensors
  • Integral steam jacket



Amaro 5000 Biosafety P3 Steam sterilizers



Horizontal steam sterilizers for Laboratory with biohazard risk loads.



Main Features:



  • Validated cycles for laboratory with biohazard risk loads
  • F0 control of the sterilization cycle
  • Optionally supplied with 1 or 2 manual hinged doors


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