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Workpath Expands Platform to Fully Automate Phlebotomy Requests and Other Medical Services

Wednesday, Dec 12, 2018

Workpath, a technology company that helps healthcare organizations distribute work opportunities to their labor, announced today the launch of a clinical data exchange platform designed to automate requests from providers needing in-home phlebotomy clinical lab services for their patients. Last year, Workpath worked with its partners to create a full electronic medical records (EMR) integration with Workpath's platform in an effort to improve the way health systems placed orders for blood draws. The platform, which has the ability to interface with Allscripts, Epic and Cerner, led to a successful pilot program with a world-renowned cancer research and treatment center.

The Workpath integration was fully tested at the cancer treatment center over the past year and has now been successfully launched, allowing the cancer center to perform necessary blood testing at patients' homes prior to chemo treatments. The platform allowed phlebotomy orders to be easily placed in a provider's EMR. Once the order was submitted, the request for phlebotomy services was published directly to a network of curated healthcare professionals, who were available for dispatch at the cancer treatment center's discretion. This integration has since resulted in the use of the platform in other areas of care.

The official launch of the platform will allow Workpath to offer the technology beyond phlebotomy in settings such as health systems, laboratories, and other healthcare organizations. As a fully integrated platform, care providers can now automate their process of curating, managing, and tracking their workforce to perform a variety of critical healthcare services.

"The Workpath platform can now be used to deliver care across multiple use cases, like phlebotomy, home health, dialysis, infusion services, and any form of care that could be improved by selecting the most convenient location possible," said Eddie Peloke, CEO of Workpath. "With the right technology, healthcare organizations are now in a better position to deliver the right care at the right time and in the right place. That could mean in a patient's home, work, in-office, or in a hospital setting. Doctors, nurses, and other care providers can seamlessly place an order and their technician knows when, where, and what needs to be done, and arrives on time to perform the scheduled service."

Prior to the Workpath platform, seamlessly dispatching and managing healthcare services on-demand — ranging from services on a medical campus or at a patient's location of choice — was not possible. The successful pilot now makes this seamless connection a reality. Providers at health systems, like the major cancer treatment center used in the pilot phase, can quickly and easily schedule clinical services at a convenient location, chosen by the patient and their healthcare provider, with the push of a button. Once an appointment has been set at the patient's desired location, a series of automated text and email reminders take place to ensure patients never miss appointments. Every appointment is monitored, tracked, and updated in real time on the Workpath dashboard.

Workpath will continue to expand efforts to redesign healthcare by offering its platform to other healthcare organizations working to save time and money while improving compliance and patient outcomes.

About Workpath:

Workpath builds intelligent technologies that help healthcare organizations and other specialized industries send work opportunities to their employees and vendors with ease. The HIPAA-compliant platform schedules, dispatches, and manages teams of all sizes. Workpath helps healthcare organizations simplify and connect. Become more digital, yet more human.



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