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Venus Medtech's Strategic Investment for Keystone Heart Expands Technical Opportunities for Cerebral Embolism Protection

Thursday, May 24, 2018

China Venus Medtech ( Hangzhou) Inc. announced the conclusion of a strategic investment and authorization agreement with Keystone Heart. This agreement guarantees Venus Medtech the exclusive development, manufacture and sales of the third generation TriGUARD 3 ™ and the next generation of brain embolism protection for Chinese and other Asian markets. In March 2017, Venus Medtech announced its partnership with VenusA-Valve's VenusA-Valve Transplant Venus Transplant System (TAVR) from Venus Medtech in conjunction with the first generation of the TriGuard ™ Brain Embolus Protector from Keystone Heart, which it distributes in Chinese and other Asian markets. This new contract demonstrates the deepening of Venus Medtech's technical capabilities in the area of ??brain embryo protection and the strengthening of strategic cooperation with Keystone Heart.

In February 2017, the Association of Neuroscience Research (NeuroARC) published official guidelines setting standardized neurological endpoints for vascular clinical trials. The guidelines are published in the journals of the Journal of the American Cardiology and the European Heart Journal and state that there is increasing evidence of "recessive" brain damage in TAVR transplant patients and other cardiovascular interventions. to the forefront even more in the past five years, when up to 13 studies conducted in the US and Europe demonstrated that approximately 80% of patients developed a new type of brain damage after graduation from the TAVR.The NeuroTAVR study demonstrated that 94% of patients had brain lesions after TAVR , u 22,

Eric Zi , co-founder and CEO of Venus Medtech, said on this occasion: "Venus Medtech is not just concentrating on transcatheter replacement of the aortic valve. We are interested in the entire TAVR intervention, its possible complications and the overall quality of life of patients. Thanks to partnership with Keystone Heart, Venus Medtech will become the only provider of a holistic approach involving "brain protection against embolism - a flagon with flap" on the global TAVR field. Further collaboration between our two companies confirms their determination to deliver comprehensive solutions and highlights confidence in the application of innovative technologies.

Chris Richardson , President and CEO of Keystone Heart, LTD, added: "By deepening partnerships with a leading Chinese heart valve replacement company, patients in this important geographic market will have access to innovative Next Generation embryo protection technologies from Keystone Heart. "

Transplantation aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is a minimally invasive procedure aimed at repairing a damaged aortic valve. With the increasing incidence of degenerative lesions in the elderly of valves, calcified aortic valve stenosis has become a common valve disease in an older population. These patients have serious symptoms, suffer from long-term convalescence and have a high mortality rate. For patients with a high / moderate risk or contraindicated procedure, TAVR may be an effective treatment with clear benefits of minimal trauma and rapid recovery. TAVR does not pose a risk of traditional surgery with thoracic opening and cardiopulmonary bypass surgery, and thus may represent a hope for rebirth for this patient group.

China is an emerging market for TAVR access. The VenusA-Valve, independently developed by Venus Medtech, received a registration certificate from the Chinese Food and Drug Administration in April 2017. It is a historic milestone where China's first transatheter aortic valve implant for commercial use was approved. Experts estimate that more than 10,000 TAVRs will be implemented by 2020. The global market in this area is likely to grow between 30% and 50% every year.

About Venus Medtech ( Hangzhou ) Inc.:

Venus Medtech was established in 2009 with its headquarters in Hangzhou. It focuses on the technological development and commercial application of minimally invasive heart valve replacement solutions. Its main mission is R & D, and two leading technologies: pre-insertion transcatheter valve system and self-expanding transcult pulmonary valve (VenusP-Valve). The company has conducted several innovative studies and experiments and pioneered clinical research in the transcutaneous lung valve area, implanted and tested Chinese heart valves in Europe and established the Heart Valve Institute in China. For more information, visit:

About Keystone Heart

Keystone Heart Ltd. is a healthcare company that develops and manufactures brain embolus protection devices to reduce the risk of stroke, neurocognitive degeneration and dementia caused by brain damage associated with cardiovascular procedures. It has its headquarters in Israel, and patient care seeks to strengthen through innovative technologies and clinical research. For more information, visit: .