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Teladoc acquires global telemedicine company Advance Medical

Friday, Jun 08, 2018

Teladoc Inc, the global leader in telemedicine, announces the acquisition of Advance Medical, a leading telemedicine company outside the US. With an expanded international presence and ability to offer an expanded set of clinical services around the world, the combination of companies creates the only global virtual service platform capable of serving businesses and individuals on a global scale.

By acquiring Advance Medical, Teladoc builds on its successful experience in acquiring and integrating companies that share common goals and have complementary capabilities, as well as target access to new markets. The merger of Advance Medical's medical services with Teladoc's technology and operational scale makes it capable of meeting the needs of multinational companies in the United States, which have a third of employees residing in other countries.

"We have teamed up with two companies that, by placing the consumer first, have proven the transformative power of a broad range of telemedicine solutions," said Jason Gorevic , CEO of Teladoc. "This acquisition reinforces our strategy to continuously expand our product portfolio as well as our operational presence in attractive global markets."

As countries around the world face increasing challenges of cost and access to health care, Teladoc responds with market opportunities. With the incorporation of clinical and operational knowledge of Advance Medical in markets such as Latin America and Asia, where private health insurance growth rates are more than double that of the US, Teladoc is poised to accelerate even further the global adoption of virtual healthcare .

"We share Teladoc's belief that a virtual healthcare solution must be comprehensive in nature and provide responses and results to people regardless of their location or medical condition," said Carlos Nueno , co-founder of Advance Medical. "Our customers increasingly demand high-quality virtual attendance at scale and now we have the ability to bring a significant change to the healthcare system."

"With the ability to take advantage of the fast pace of medical innovation, unparalleled commitment to medical quality and patient focus, there is no doubt that we will have a profound consumer impact as we continue to expand access to healthcare. quality health, "adds Marc Subirats , co-founder of Advance Medical.

Carlos Nueno and Marc Subirats will be part of Teladoc's executive team, continuing to lead Advance Medical's business outside the US.

About Advance Medical

Founded in 1999, Advance Medical is a world leader in telemedicine services and specialized medical services. With more than 300 clients, including insurance groups and large multinational companies spread across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US, Advance Medical has built an integrated portfolio of quality telemedicine and specialty medical services solutions.

About Teladoc

Teladoc, Inc. is the global leader in virtual treatment solutions. Teladoc has successfully expanded access to high-quality healthcare, reducing costs and improving existing solutions around the world. The company's integrated and award-winning clinical solutions include telehealth services, specialized medical opinions, AI and data management, as well as licensable service platforms. With more than 2,000 employees, the company offers health services in more than 125 countries and in 20 different languages, in partnership with healthcare systems, hospitals and insurance companies to transform healthcare provision in the health sector. For more information, visit or follow @Tadoadoc on Twitter.

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