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Spine Pain Center Partners with Revitalize Health to Offer Functional Medicine Programs

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019

Spine Pain Center has joined forces with Revitalize Health, a nationally recognized wellness program, to offer people in the greater Mount Pleasant and North Charleston areas with holistic functional medicine programs. Spine Pain Center has offered these communities quality chiropractic and health services for years and has joined forces with Revitalized Health.

Together, they are offering exceptional services to help people attain and maintain their optimal level of health. Whether they suffer from chronic illness or merely want to live a healthier life, Spine Pain Center and Revitalize Health have a solution for everybody.

Spine Pain Center and Revitalize Health offer their patients holistic non-invasive treatment for a number of conditions. In addition to chiropractic treatments, they offer detoxification services, nutritional counseling and supplementation, and guidance for effective fitness. These patient care and coaching activities are used in unison with their functional medicine programs to help their patients attain the highest quality of life possible.

Functional medicine is an area that identifies and addresses the underlying cause of a disease. It utilizes an approach that focuses on the systems of the body. Practitioners examine the interactions between environmental, lifestyle, and genetic factors influencing chronic disease and long-term health. The underlying premise is that with innovative tools, science, and clinical wisdom, these underlying causes can be remediated before they become chronic.

As Dr. Karen Carew of Spine Pain Center said, “By understanding how the parts of the body need to work together, we can heal the whole. Functional medicine is a vital aspect of that holistic treatment mentality that allows us to excel as healers, able to better address the needs of our patients.”

The Revitalize Health programs were developed using the newest methodologies in functional medicine. These methodologies all have proven clinically successful at a national level. They are shown to provide exceptional results to those looking to optimize their health and quality of life.

These programs are designed with each patient’s individual needs in mind. They combine strategic holistic detoxification, nutritional supplementation, and specialized fitness regimens.

The Advanced Program offered by Revitalize gives patients the chance to reduce and even eliminate the deterioration of one’s health. Patients receive one-on-one elite direction and coaching to master the program. It offers regular assessments, specialized dietary regimens, health and lifestyle education, and dedicated consultation and support.

This program is designed to provide an easy start for those who wish to explore Revitalize Health’s programs via their online platform. Each individual goes through detoxification, is given introductory instruction in fitness and health education, and starts a dietary and supplement regimen.

Spine Pain Center is a treatment center specializing in natural chiropractic services, medical treatment, rehabilitation for both prevention and treatment, and nutritional counseling. Call or stop by Spine Pain Center at one of their locations – Mount Pleasant (843-884-8444) or North Charleston (843-606-2412) – today to find out more.



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