Medovate and JEB Technologies Combine Forces to Drive Innovation in Medical Device Development and Manufacturing

8 February 2024

Medovate Ltd, an award-winning medical device development company based in Cambridge, and JEB Technologies, an established leader in end-to-end medical device design and manufacturing, proudly announce they have become part of the same group structure that will integrate their management, unique skill sets and expertise to drive greater collaboration, innovation and growth in the dynamic field of medical device development. 

This strategic move involves two award-winning companies, both deeply committed to accelerating the introduction of pioneering medical technologies that enhance patient safety and care, both in the UK and worldwide. 

Medovate and JEB Technologies will combine their strengths across the full medical device development pipeline, from concept design, product development and manufacturing, through to successful regulatory approvals and global market launches. Medovate's unique approach to developing technologies in collaboration with the NHS will be complemented by JEB's extensive manufacturing experience – spanning over 50 years – in developing, manufacturing, and commercialising products globally. 

Stuart Thomson, Vice President of Business Development, said: “This is a significant step forward for the medical device industry in the UK’s eastern region, leveraging our organisations’ collective strengths and expertise, along with our respective medical technology pipelines, to accelerate the development of innovative UK medical devices and launch them successfully around the world. Medovate's experienced team will work seamlessly with JEB Technologies to drive innovation development which will positively impact healthcare globally.”

JEB Technologies, with over five decades of experience since its establishment in 1972, specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing a diverse range of medical and industrial products. They offer an end-to-end product development and manufacturing service, contributing their expertise from concept to commercialisation. JEB collaborates with medical professionals, innovators and consultants to bring innovative medical ideas to life. JEB Technologies portfolio consists of recently launched prostate biopsy device Camprobe®, Transicap® and exciting further products currently in development.

Medovate Ltd is recognised for its dedication to providing a route to market for clinician-inspired medical device innovations. Celebrating its fifth anniversary last year Medovate's portfolio spans anaesthesia, airway and surgical products, including the pioneering SAFIRA® system for regional anaesthesia, Glucosave®, LumevacTM and Humidicare®.

Sean Licence Vice President of Operations added: “Developing cutting-edge medical devices involves complex engineering challenges, regulatory requirements and market demands. By uniting Medovate's clinician-inspired model with JEB Technologies' worldwide manufacturing and design proficiency, we will drive innovation and strengthen our offering to both the medical technology industry and healthcare providers.”

Both companies share not only a geographical proximity in the East of England, but also a commitment to excellence in Medtech innovation. Medovate and JEB Technologies combining forces signifies a strategic move to enhance their collective impact on the Medtech landscape, promising a bright future for groundbreaking medical device development from the UK.



For more information or to request images or arrange please contact: Julia Price on email at:, 07737 864 878. 

About Medovate 

Medovate is a medical device company dedicated to the development and commercialisation of innovative medical technologies created within the NHS and beyond. Medovate identifies and works with high potential medtech innovations, providing the specialist management and technical resources to guide medical technologies through development, clinical trials, regulatory approval, into manufacture and on through to successful market launch. Medovate accelerates medical device innovations to market in order to benefit patient care and healthcare delivery. The company has a strong portfolio relating to specialisms in anaesthesia, airway management, critical care and surgery. Medovate provides commercial returns to the NHS organisations and inventors that created the technologies helping to support further NHS innovation. 

About JEB
For 50 years, JEB technologies have served global manufacturing markets, supplying products to all corners of the globe. JEB began as toolmakers and manufacturing machine builde¬¬¬¬rs for electronic and electric componentry and assemblies. This solid manufacturing foundation then transitioned into the manufacturing of medical products and devices for subcontract customers, which in turn lead to designing, developing and manufacturing JEB Technologies’ own medical products. At the Concept Stage, JEB partner with medical professionals, innovators, university researchers and health enterprise partners to assess, advise, expand and prototype ideas. When designing, JEB sets priorities in developing more cost-effective products and cost efficient methods of manufacturing to address clinical benefit and patient safety. A manufacturing process is drawn up, including compliance strategy, commissioning of tooling and engagement of subcontractors. JEB also have regulatory experts, ensuring that products adhere to the European and international conformity regulations.