LifeMD Becomes the First Virtual Primary Care Provider to Elevate GLP-1 Patient Care with Real-time, At-Home Monitoring of Blood Pressure and Body Composition

17 May 2024

LifeMD, a leading provider of virtual primary care services, and Withings Health Solutions, a leader in digital health technology, announce a new strategic partnership designed to revolutionize weight management patient care by providing LifeMD’s GLP-1 weight-loss patients with Withings advanced in-home health monitoring devices, including the Body Pro 2 scale and the BPM Connect Pro blood pressure monitor. With these devices, LifeMD is setting a new standard in virtual care by providing clinicians with near real-time and actionable patient data that can drive compliance, enhance clinical decision-making, encourage preventive healthcare and, most importantly, improve long-term outcomes.

LifeMD’s GLP-1 weight-loss program is uniquely positioned to support patients on their weight-loss journey and make healthy living accessible by providing online consultations with licensed clinicians, prescriptions for weight management medications and orders for full-service laboratory testing. By leveraging the detailed health data from Withings’ in-home health monitoring devices, LifeMD aims to gain deeper insight into the effectiveness of GLP-1 treatments and their impact on overall health. This partnership also lays the groundwork for pioneering real-world evidence studies.

“Our partnership with Withings supports a key corporate objective of building a significant chronic care management business,” said Anthony Puopolo, M.D., President, LifeMD Affiliated P.C.s. “Many patients currently treated by our affiliated medical group for weight management have heart disease, diabetes or other chronic conditions. Accessible interaction with a virtual provider — combined with diagnostics, remote patient monitoring and in-home tools like those offered by Withings — can improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care for chronic diseases.”

“By being one of the first to monitor body composition in GLP-1 weight-loss programs, LifeMD is pioneering a comprehensive approach to weight management. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment not just to weight management, but to a deeper understanding of a patient’s health,” said Antoine Robiliard, VP Withings Health Solutions. “LifeMD's dedication to leveraging advanced technology to enhance the patient experience aligns perfectly with our vision. Our cellular devices, with patient engagement features, will help LifeMD’s teams drive consistent patient engagement and benefit from larger datasets to make more informed decisions.”

Body Pro 2 is the first cellular body composition scale that measures weight and provides a comprehensive analysis of body composition including body fat, muscle mass, water percentage and bone mass. With Body Pro 2, LifeMD benefits from a device that puts patient care at the forefront with features such as Personalized Health Nudges, allowing care teams to send personalized messages to patients through the scale’s screen, and ProgramMemberID, Withings exclusive patient recognition feature to assure the measurement came from the patient rather than from another user.

BPM Connect Pro offers medically accurate blood pressure monitoring, enabling healthcare providers to track changes in blood pressure alongside weight-loss progress. As GLP-1 medications can lower the risk of cardiovascular events, BPM Connect Pro offers LifeMD-affiliated providers a comprehensive view of their patients’ progress and the knowledge to adjust their medications, if necessary.

Both devices utilize cellular connectivity, ensuring that LifeMD receives HIPAA-compliant, accurate and reliable measurements continuously, displayed in near real-time via the LifeMD patient portal for use by the patient and clinical team. Thanks to cellular connectivity, the devices work right out of the box and require no installation.

This partnership not only is a significant advancement in GLP-1 weight-loss treatment, but it also exemplifies the potential of digital health technology to transform patient care and outcomes in the virtual care landscape.

About LifeMD, Inc.
LifeMD is a leading provider of virtual primary care. LifeMD offers telemedicine, laboratory and pharmacy services, and specialized treatment across more than 200 conditions, including primary care, men’s and women's health, weight management, and hormone therapy. The Company leverages a vertically-integrated, proprietary digital care platform, a 50-state affiliated medical group, and a US-based patient care center to increase access to high-quality and affordable care. For more information, please visit

About Withings and Withings Health Solutions 
Withings created the first smart scale in 2009 and has been the pioneer in connected health ever since. Its clinically validated and multi-award-winning products are used by millions worldwide and include smart scales, hybrid watches, blood pressure monitors, sleep analyzers and more.

Withings Health Solutions is a dedicated division of global connected health leader Withings, serving healthcare professionals across chronic disease prevention and management, remote patient monitoring, clinical research and more. Its mission is to bridge the gap between patients and their care teams by continuously and effortlessly providing healthcare professionals with medical-grade data generated by patients from an ecosystem of connected devices. For more than a decade, Withings has built an expertise in user experience, engagement and retention. Withings Health Solutions extends this expertise to the healthcare industry to remove friction in the patient's journey and allow for digital health to expand. For more information, visit

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