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KCI launches ABTHERA ™ Therapy in Japan

Friday, Feb 22, 2019

KCI, an Acelity company, today announced the launch of ABTHERA ™ open abdominal pressure therapy in Japan to expand its access to the company's surgical portfolio in Japan. ABTHERA ™ Therapy is a temporary abdominal closure that allows surgeons to take control of challenging abdominal wall openings where primary closure is not possible and / or repeated access to the abdominal cavity is required.

"When treating patients undergoing damage control for severe bleeding, abdominal disturbed or severe peritonitis damage control, it has been shown that ABTHERA ™ Therapy is associated with proven patient outcomes," said Drs. Demetrios Demetriades, Professor of Surgery, Keck USC School of Medicine and Director of the Trauma Department, Traumatology and Surgery Intensive Care Department of the USC. "With the introduction of ABTHERA ™ therapy in Japan, physicians now have a clinically proven solution for a previously unmet, significant need that treats open abdominal wounds at critical times and helps to more quickly achieve primary fascial occlusion."

The ABTHERA ™ Therapy is backed by robust clinical evidence and is associated with improved outcomes, including longer patient survival, improved primary fascial closure rates, and less intensive care compared to Barker's Vacuum Method (BVPT). In an open prospective observational study involving 168 patients (111 ABTHERA ™ versus 57 BVPT), ??ABTHERA ™ therapy patients were more likely to achieve primary fascia closure and a 30-day overall mortality reduction compared to patients was achieved. who received BVPT (14% ABTHERA ™ therapy vs. 30% BVPT, p = 0.01). 1

"Japan is one of the largest health care markets in the world, and this launch covers a significant unmet need so we can better support clinicians and their patients in the operating room," said R. Andrew Eckert, KCI President and Chief Executive Officer. "We are able to offer cutting-edge technologies such as ABTHERA ™ Therapy by expanding our unparalleled expertise in wound care to create new solutions for our clients."

The ABTHERA ™ Therapy is designed to:

  • Actively removes fluid and helps to reduce edema
  • Provides medial tension, which helps to minimize fascia retraction and the disappearance of the facial area
  • Helps to protect the belly contents from external influences
  • Separates the abdominal wall and viscera, protects the belly contents
  • Provides quick access for reentry and requires no seams for placement

Ron Silverman, MD, FACS, Chief Operating Officer at KCI, added, "We have witnessed the proven success of ABTHERA ™ Therapy through countless clinical and retrospective studies around the world. We are excited to introduce this technology to physicians in Japan through a series of classes on using ABTHERA ™ Therapy at several leading universities. "

Dr. Demetrios Demetriades led the lecture series and concluded his Japan tour with a keynote address at the ABTHERA ™ Therapy Launch Event on February 16 in Tokyo.

About the ABTHERA ™ Open Tummy Abscess Therapy

ABTHERA ™ Abdominal Pressure Negative Pressure Therapy is a temporary abdominal closure that allows surgeons to take control of a challenging open abdomen at an early stage for primary fascia closure. The system may be used in open abdominal wounds with exposed internal organs, such as, but not limited to, abdominal compartment syndrome.

About KCI, an Acelity company

KCI, an Acelity company, is a trusted brand for advanced wound care. We've built on our breakthrough negative pressure wound therapy market leadership and revolutionized advanced wound care by providing solutions for wound healing and surgical management. Our unparalleled  product offerings  are available in more than 90 countries and add value through solutions that accelerate healing. KCI is a leader in quality, safety and customer satisfaction, is committed to the advancement of medical science and sets the standard for leading innovation in advanced wound therapy.

1 Cheatham ML, Demetriades D, Fabian TC, et al. Prospective study to investigate clinical results associated with a negative pressure wound therapy system and Barker's vacuum packaging technology. World J Surg. 2018-30: 37 (9);-2013.

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