FDA Approves Emergency Use of A&R Tarpaulins’ Patient Isolation Transportation Unit (PITU)

21 May 2020

AR Tech, a division of A&R Tarpaulins Inc., an aerospace and medical equipment manufacturer, received emergency approval for the use of its Patient Isolation Transportation Unit (PITU) by the Food and Drug Administration. PITU is designed to temporarily isolate and transport patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection.

“PITU is a game changer in this fight against the pandemic because it is a negative pressure isolation enclosure that makes working with highly contagious diseases a safer process,” said A&R Tarpaulins President Carmen Weisbart, RN. “PITU also allows properly attired family members to see patients who are infected with COVID-19.”

Arrowhead Medical Center Head of Anesthesiology, Dr. Mark Comunale, worked on developing the unit in 2015 after the outbreak of Ebola. AR Tech joined Dr. Comunale’s efforts two years ago. Today, PITU is ready for use – with FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) – on the frontline in the battle against the novel Coronavirus.

“There is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the emergency use of the PITU,” according to the FDA, EUA document.

PITU protects medical professionals, patients, and visiting family members against respiratory droplets and infection by using a negative pressure enclosure which surrounds the patient. Patients can be treated by medical staff, and family members who are properly attired can even visit those patients.

“Hearing that patients are dying alone and suffering from loneliness because of isolation is tragic,” said A&R Tarpaulins Vice President Bud Weisbart. “We want PITU to bring families together in hard times like these as well as protect our frontline medical workers.”

About A&R Tarpaulins Inc.

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A&R Tarpaulins
Phone: (909) 829-4444
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Source: businesswire.com