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Collinson expands its medical assistance service through partnership with Aspen Medical

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Collinson, an expert in global traveler care, has further strengthened the scope of its medical assistance services through a partnership with Aspen Medical, an Australian-based global healthcare provider active in various areas offers medical remote solutions.

Aspen Medical offers innovative and personalized healthcare services, from providing a single paramedic to complete solutions such as multidisciplinary health professionals teams. Other services include ambulance services, medical equipment and supplies, consumables, pharmacy products and air rescue, including proprietary strategically positioned clinics and aerospace facilities.

Aspen often works in remote, challenging, or poorly equipped locations, delivering world-class healthcare to clients in all situations with award-winning solutions. Through the partnership,  Collinson Increase the scope of their care and help clients receive high quality medical care in places where there is no medical infrastructure. In turn, Aspen Medical's ground-based capacity will be augmented by Collinson's global medical care and evacuation network and its 24x7 medical and safety operations centers. The partnership will therefore provide a comprehensive support service for complex international assignments.

Aspen Medical's services also include the management of environmental and public health projects, medical training and consultancy, occupational safety and medical support for major sporting events and conferences requiring dedicated clinical support.

Scott Sunderman , Head of Assistance at Collinson , commented:  "Aspen Medical is known for its sophisticated contracts with defense, mining, oil and gas, and government and humanitarian organizations. From the operation of trauma clinics in Mosul , Iraq to the WHO, equipment and management of a UN agency for its employees in Somalia , to support UK, US , Australian and New Zealand governments in the construction and management of Ebola treatment centers in Sierra Leone and Liberia - Our partnership with Aspen Medical gives our healthcare services truly global reach and industry-leading expertise.

This experience is critical to building our global medical care and travel risk management services to ensure that our customers receive the best possible protection no matter where they are. "

This strategic alliance strengthens Collinson's new integrated 24/7 travel risk management solution, which is operated in conjunction with Drum Cussac, a global risk and security consultancy, and also confirms the appointment of the new Global Medical Director, Simon Worrell .

Glenn Keys , executive chairman and co-founder of Aspen Medical,  said,  "Collinson is recognized worldwide for its exceptional medical care service. This partnership with Collinson and its integrated travel risk management solution will further expand Aspen Medical's global capabilities. Combined with the experience of Drum Cussac, the Global Assistance App, security alerts and site tracking and monitoring, we can provide strong new capacity to customers in need of emergency assistance.

Notes of the publisher:

Collinson  is one of the largest independent healthcare providers and has more than 35 years of experience. The UK, Ireland and South Africa support platforms provide 24/7 service to various insurance markets and business units. Collinson receives more than 1.2 million customer calls per year worldwide and over 3,000 repatriations and evacuations per year.

With our global resources and expertise, we provide 24x7 comprehensive travel risk services to mobile workers year round, enabling businesses to fulfill their oversight responsibilities to their overseas employees. Whether you need a comprehensive travel risk management program for your employees, a customized care solution, crisis management planning, or specific analysis and support for remote job sites, Collinson can help you create a solution that will protect your most valuable assets and your business risk ,

Our clients include Air France KLM, American Express, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Diners Club, Easy Jet, MasterCard, Saga, RSA, Visa and Vhi.

Aspen Medical  is an Australia-based, multi-award-winning global provider of innovative healthcare solutions to a diverse range of defense, mining, oil and gas, government and humanitarian organizations. We are the world leader in providing health solutions for all situations, but especially in remote, challenging or poorly equipped locations.

We provide our clients with tailored and flexible services wherever they are needed - from the provision of a single paramedic to complete solutions such as multidisciplinary health professionals teams, ambulance services, medical facilities and equipment, procedures, mobile health and operations solutions and consumables, pharmacy products and air rescue, including the company's own aviation facilities.

Our competitive advantage lies in superior project management and the quality of our teams. We are proud of our customer-centric approach and our can-do approach. We work today in Australia, the Pacific, USA , Europe, Africa and the Gulf, employing more than 2,000 dedicated, experienced and well-trained professionals.


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