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Cheetah Medical Launches Rapid Response Team Solution and New User Interface

Wednesday, Mar 06, 2019

Cheetah Medical, a Massachusetts-based leader in non-invasive fluid management devices, today announced a new software user interface and a new portable solution designed to help hospital rapid response teams (RRTs) more quickly determine on-the-spot whether fluid will be effective for patients experiencing a hypotensive emergency or if heightened care is required.

Hypotension is one of the primary reasons for calls to an RRT, and many hypotensive events could be managed on the floor if the patient’s volume status could be easily determined. The new portable Starling RRT solution brings Cheetah’s non-invasive technology directly to the patient, wherever they may be. The package enables clinicians to better treat a hypotensive emergency and includes: battery-operated Starling™ SV monitor with a new user interface along with an SpO2 sensor and blood pressure cuff, a portable passive leg raise (PLR) LIFT, and a carrying case that can store IV access supplies; which will help the RRT avoid unneeded trips to the intensive care unit (ICU) for care that could have been provided on the floor.

In addition to Rapid Response situations, the new user interface (Starling™ SV software version 5.5) will assist in supporting sepsis patients’ fluid management in the Emergency and Critical Care environments.

Guided by real-world clinician feedback and market research, the new Starling™ SV software 5.5 provides a simplified and friendly user interface, with educational tools within the monitor, a one-screen information interface and the option for hospitals to customize the interface screen per department. The new software also eliminates the need for full three-minute PLRs as the PLR/Bolus can now be ended as soon as the patient is demonstrated to be fluid responsive, reducing the time needed to respond to a perfusion crisis.

According to Liz King, staff nurse at Exeter Hospital in Exeter, New Hampshire, who tested the new software, “Staff have heartily welcomed the new Cheetah software, especially the quicker dynamic assessment that helps us shorten PLRs and increase patient comfort. The revised home screen provides all the information we as nurses need to clearly tell what’s wrong and what’s right. What’s more, it also provides documentation.”

“We’re delighted that clinicians have validated the benefits to patients and hospital staff of our new software version and portable Starling system. We worked closely with healthcare providers on the ground to develop and test these innovations and are proud to support ongoing improvements in fluid management monitoring, hospital compliance and patient care,” said Doug Hansell, M.D., M.P.H, chief physician executive of Cheetah Medical.

About Cheetah Medical

Cheetah Medical is the pioneer and leading global provider of 100 percent non-invasive fluid management monitoring technologies, designed for use in critical care, operating room and emergency department settings. The CHEETAH Starling™ SV is fast becoming the gold standard in fluid management, as it provides immediate, dynamic assessments of fluid responsiveness, enabling clinicians to make more confident and informed treatment for their patients. Moreover, recent research from the University of Kansas Medical Center has shown effective fluid management can reduce hospital ICU stays by an average of 2.89 days, reduce risk of mechanical ventilation and initiation of acute dialysis, saving over $14,000 in medical costs per patient. The company’s fluid management systems currently make an impact in more than 400 hospitals throughout the U.S. and in 30 countries worldwide.

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