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C2N Diagnostics Receives Breakthrough Device Designation from U.S. FDA for Blood Test to Screen for Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

Wednesday, Jan 30, 2019

Ampersand Health and MediQuire, Inc. are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to structure and drive success in value-based contracts for Ampersand Health and its payers using a data-driven approach, in order to improve quality of care for Medicaid beneficiaries.

Ampersand Health will leverage MediQuire's advanced contract analytics solution, Transpera, to present insights ranging from avoidable medical costs to risk scores and quality improvement opportunities, and inform the design and negotiation of value-based contracts for Ampersand Health and its payers. Ampersand Health will then monitor performance on signed contracts in real-time using Transpera, and utilize MediQuire's population health management platform, Clarity, to generate actionable insights that enable providers to close care gaps and deliver efficient, high-quality care to its patients.

"We are proud to partner with visionary providers like Ampersand that are focused on succeeding in value-based care. By working with Ampersand and its payers to integrate disparate sources of data to present actionable insights to clinical leadership and providers, we are streamlining a historically cumbersome and manual process between payer and provider to achieve success in risk-based arrangements," said Emily Chen, CEO of MediQuire.

"Partnering with MediQuire advances our priority for Ampersand Health to be a data-driven provider of health solutions," said Tim Petrikin, CEO of Ampersand Health. "The value MediQuire's products bring to the Ampersand Health Solutions Platform allow us to be more effective and cost-efficient, which is critical for Medicaid populations."

About MediQuire

MediQuire's mission is to accelerate the transition to value-based care using a suite of advanced analytics solutions that help payers and providers design, negotiate, and track value-based contracts, as well as provide insights to aid providers in closing gaps at the point-of-care. MediQuire's machine learning capabilities distill complex data into intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces to facilitate the creation of patient registries for population monitoring and outreach, identify emerging risk factors, and help payers and providers collaborate to deliver valuable care. Learn more at

About Ampersand Health

Ampersand Health and its CityLife Health subsidiary is bringing population health from rhetoric to reality through its belief that improving health requires member engagement, provider alignment and proactive care delivery. With this vision in mind, the company developed the Ampersand Health Solutions Platform — a scalable set of technology-enabled, common-sense interventions for poverty and geographic health disparities driven by its work in inner-city communities since 2014. For more information, go to



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