Zeta Surgical's AI-Powered Navigation System Completes Successful Inaugural Clinical Trial

11 June 2024

Zeta Surgical reported today the successful completion of its first multicenter clinical trial using the Zeta Cranial Navigation System.

This system provides neurosurgeons with real-time, millimeter-accurate guidance, akin to GPS navigation.

Enabled by Zeta's advanced computer vision engine, this mixed-reality platform offers automatic, motion-aware registration, making navigated neurosurgery feasible for point-of-care delivery at various medical facilities.

Zeta secured its latest 510(k) clearance from the U.S. FDA in January 2024, positioning it to transform neurosurgical practices.

The trial was conducted at Singapore General Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital, involving fifteen patients requiring elective and emergency ventriculostomy—a procedure often performed without navigation, leading to revision surgeries and complications.

Notably, all patients were cannulated successfully on the first attempt, without any adverse events.

"It has been an enlightening journey witnessing the evolution of this project from the lab to the operating theater. The trial results are a testament to our collective efforts, and I foresee this navigation platform becoming indispensable in modern neurosurgical units."

Chief Technology Officer of Zeta Surgical, commended their collaboration with NNI, expressing eagerness to extend their technology's reach.

"We're grateful for our partnership with NNI and are excited to initiate commercial pilots across a wider range of procedures, making our technology accessible to hospitals throughout the United States."

Source: prnewswire.com