ZappRx and Teva Respiratory Collaborate to Speed Delivery of Specialty Medication

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019

ZappRx®, a healthcare technology company that streamlines the complex processes associated with prescribing specialty medications, announced today that it will work with Teva Respiratory, LLC, in support of their specialty respiratory medication. The joint project will provide a more efficient approach to prescribe, obtain, and administer therapy necessary for patients to better manage their disease and symptoms.

“By partnering with industry leaders such as Teva Respiratory, ZappRx is able to make life-changing medications more accessible to an underserved patient population,” said Zoë Barry, CEO and Founder of ZappRx. “ZappRx is committed to helping patients first and foremost, and we are confident that working with Teva will help us to do exactly that.”

ZappRx’s cloud-based platform streamlines what is currently a multi-step, manual prescribing process, often involving numerous platforms for each of several treatments, into a single, digitally-enabled format. This allows providers who treat severe asthma to focus more on patient care.



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