TytoCare Teams Up with Five New Health Systems, Extending School Health Initiative to 100+ More Schools Across the Nation

15 May 2024

TytoCare, a virtual care company, has announced a significant expansion of its school health initiative through partnerships with five new health systems.

This expansion aims to bring TytoCare's innovative healthcare solutions to over 100 additional schools nationwide, enhancing access to primary and urgent care for children across the country.

The collaboration with health systems like Cone Health, Sentara Health, and A Plus Family HealthCare seeks to equip school clinics with TytoCare's Pro Smart Clinic solution.

This technology enables remote healthcare services, allowing students to receive essential medical attention without the need for physical clinic visits. By leveraging TytoCare's telehealth capabilities, parents can save time and effort by avoiding trips to traditional clinics and waiting rooms.

Patrick Merritt, CEO of A Plus Family HealthCare, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing its potential to elevate the quality of healthcare services for children in their communities. The collaboration represents a significant advancement in delivering accessible and high-quality care to underserved areas, particularly in rural regions.

TytoCare's Pro Smart Clinic, which is FDA-cleared for various medical examinations, offers a comprehensive healthcare solution within school settings.

By facilitating heart, lung, throat, and ear exams, as well as temperature measurements, the Pro Smart Clinic streamlines healthcare delivery and reduces the burden on emergency departments (EDs) and urgent care centers.

TytoCare's presence in schools significantly alleviated the strain on EDs, with a notable percentage of parents indicating they would have sought emergency or urgent care services if not for the school-based telehealth program.

TytoCare's school health initiative continues to make strides in improving healthcare access for children nationwide, demonstrating the effectiveness of telehealth solutions in enhancing patient outcomes and reducing healthcare disparities.



Source: globenewswire.com