Toku's Breakthrough: AI-Based Cardiovascular Risk Assessment via Eye Analysis Granted CE and UKCA Approvals

5 February 2024

Toku, a company specializing in AI-based assessment of retinal images, announced today the acquisition of CE and UKCA Marks for its proprietary CLAiR technology. This achievement underscores Toku's dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety, while also expanding its reach into European and UK markets.

CLAiR offers accurate and cost-effective point-of-care assessment of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk through non-invasive analysis of retinal images obtained during routine eye exams. Leveraging the unique accessibility of retinal imaging, CLAiR seamlessly integrates with existing retinal cameras to provide real-time CVD risk assessments comparable in accuracy to traditional methods, which often rely on blood tests and lengthy processing times.

Utilizing AI algorithms, CLAiR identifies elevated cardiovascular risk by analyzing subtle changes in retinal structure and vasculature. Its results can be easily shared with physicians to facilitate comprehensive cardiovascular evaluations and guide preventive measures. With retinal imaging becoming more widespread across eye care, pharmacy, and primary care settings in the UK and EU, CLAiR enables healthcare professionals to identify heightened cardiovascular risk in adult patients without a history of cardiovascular disease.

The advent of artificial intelligence has transformed the analysis of retinal images, enabling early prediction and intervention for various vascular diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes. By facilitating early risk detection, CLAiR empowers timely lifestyle modifications and interventions, potentially delaying or preventing the onset of disease.

Toku's CLAiR technology represents a significant advancement in cardiovascular disease management, promising life-saving interventions and improved quality of life for individuals worldwide.