Thread and SEQSTER Collaborate to Expedite Real-World Data Collection for Patients and Researchers

10 June 2024

SEQSTER PDM, a leading healthcare technology company focused on patient-centric solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Thread, a prominent provider of decentralized research and eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments) services.

This collaboration aims to accelerate access to real-world data for patients, researchers, and life science enterprises.

The partnership involves integrating primary data captured through Thread’s platform with instant access to secondary data from SEQSTER.

By combining these datasets, the goal is to expand the volume of participant data in clinical research studies, ultimately enhancing the ability to assess the impact of new medicines and speeding up drug development.

Additionally, the partnership will utilize Thread’s proprietary patient listening technology to ensure that research studies incorporating real-world data collection are designed with direct input from patients.

This integrated solution is now available for biopharma and clinical research organization (CRO) clients, enabling them to merge primary and secondary data for research purposes.

Aaron Berger, SVP of Evidence Development at UBC, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, noting its potential to address the challenge of data fragmentation in clinical research and support clients effectively.

The importance of real-time data in enhancing decision-making for researchers and improving the research experience. He highlighted how patient-centric trial technology, when combined with real-time data, empowers researchers to optimize trial design and efficiently execute against it.

Access to patient medical records is crucial in modern research for verifying participant eligibility and providing evidence of intervention efficacy and safety.

Stressed the partnership's impact on both patients and researchers, simplifying the research process and expanding data accessibility by seamlessly integrating real-time medical record access with Thread’s platform.