OrthoConnecticut Announces Collaboration with HOPCo

15 November 2023

OrthoConnecticut, a significant musculoskeletal practice in Connecticut, has recently announced its collaboration with Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), a leading entity in musculoskeletal practice and clinical outcomes management. Recognized as the largest orthopedic value-based care organization in the United States, HOPCo specializes in delivering solutions for musculoskeletal care. OrthoConnecticut, acknowledged as a regional leader in musculoskeletal care, comprises 48 providers across nine locations in Connecticut. The practice is dedicated to providing integrated treatment through a collaborative team of orthopedic surgeons, physician assistants, imaging specialists, and support staff, with the goal of restoring mobility and enhancing overall patient health.

OrthoConnecticut's formation resulted from the merger of Coastal Orthopaedics, Danbury Orthopedics, New Milford Orthopedics, and Connecticut Pain Care. The partnership between OrthoConnecticut and HOPCo is poised to further develop clinically integrated collaborations with musculoskeletal practices, physicians, health systems, and payors in Connecticut and neighboring regions. Leveraging HOPCo's clinical, quality, outcomes, digital patient engagement, and claims analytics infrastructure, this collaboration aims to drive performance, foster growth, and facilitate value-focused transformation in the musculoskeletal market.

Utilizing HOPCo's proprietary care management platform, software tools, and analytics, the partnership seeks to provide value-based healthcare solutions, improving care outcomes, patient access, health equity, and the overall patient experience. The decision by OrthoConnecticut to align with HOPCo underscores their dedication to expanding access to high-quality care. The collaboration is anticipated to expedite growth, enhance outcomes, and decrease costs for patients and payors, all while maintaining exceptional patient access and personalized care. With this partnership, OrthoConnecticut now stands as the latest addition to HOPCo's expanding national musculoskeletal market transformation platform.

Source: prnewswire.com