Mindray Ultrasound Technology Partners with MOL Hospital in Germany for Advanced Heart Failure Treatment

8 July 2024

Mindray is supporting a collaborative research effort led by Märkisch-Oderland Hospital (MOL) and esteemed medical institutions in Germany, using advanced ultrasound technology.

The study aims to enhance heart failure treatment by calculating the VExUS score to assess blood reflux in veins, improving patient outcomes and medication management.

The heart, constantly strained, beats over three billion times in a lifetime. An estimated two to three million Germans suffer from heart failure.

This study, led by MOL Hospital with partners like the Bernau Heart Center and university clinics, aims to assess blood reflux in heart failure patients using bedside ultrasound.

Mindray provides four TE9 ultrasound systems for VExUS score calculation, alongside gathering clinical data and using bio-impedance devices for body water and tissue ratio assessment.

Treatment includes alleviating heart strain and prescribing diuretics to manage fluid retention, balancing kidney function risks.

Experts are involved, marking Brandenburg Medical School's first multi-center study with MOL Hospital.

Source: mindray.com