Levee Medical® Secures $10M Series B Funding to Advance Development of Voro® Urologic Scaffold for Better Post-Prostatectomy Recovery

11 June 2024

Levee Medical®, a company specializing in medical devices to enhance surgical outcomes for prostate cancer patients, has announced a $10 million Series B funding round.

This funding will support the regulatory and clinical activities necessary for the development and validation of the Voro® Urologic Scaffold.

In a noteworthy development, the first U.S. patient has been enrolled in the ALTO study, which observes urinary function and quality of life after radical prostatectomy.

TX, enrolled the initial patient. Dr. Kella expressed enthusiasm about Levee Medical's progress with the Voro Urologic Scaffold, highlighting their commitment to improving patient outcomes through rigorous clinical methods.

Noted the promising preliminary results and expressed confidence in the potential for significant advancements in treating post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence.

Additionally, Levee Medical has made substantial progress in the ARID study, a feasibility trial of the Voro Urologic Scaffold designed to reduce post-prostatectomy stress urinary incontinence. This study has enrolled 25 patients across five surgeons, with initial results appearing promising.

The Voro Urologic Scaffold is intended to be placed during the prostatectomy procedure, maintaining the bladder neck's geometry and urethral length, which are crucial for preventing postoperative incontinence.

This innovative absorbable device aims to significantly reduce stress urinary incontinence, offering a critical solution for patients undergoing radical prostatectomy.

Source: prnewswire.com