Greenway Health Teams Up with DrFirst to Revolutionize Patient Outcomes through Cutting-Edge Technology for Medication Adherence

28 March 2024

Greenway Health, a prominent provider of health information technology services, has recently announced a strategic partnership with DrFirst, a pioneer in healthcare technology. Their collaboration aims to leverage automation technology to address prescription abandonment and enhance medication adherence. The partnership integrates DrFirst's innovative RxInform technology directly into Greenway's Intergy EHR solution, ensuring a seamless experience for both clinicians and patients.

With the integration of RxInform, when clinicians prescribe a new medication, patients receive notifications containing pharmacy details, educational materials, cost-saving opportunities, and the option to schedule pickup reminders. These features are designed to overcome obstacles for patients and promote better adherence to prescribed medications.

Greenway Health is committed to using technology to transform healthcare, empowering providers, patients, and communities. DrFirst's solutions have consistently received high satisfaction ratings over the past six years, demonstrating their effectiveness in improving practitioner-patient connections and overall health outcomes.

The partnership between Greenway Health and DrFirst aims to help providers address medication adherence gaps and empower patients with reminders, educational resources, and cost-saving tools. Greenway Health specializes in electronic health records with flagship products like Intergy and Prime Suite, and its solutions have been recognized in the Best in KLAS awards by KLAS Research.