Cook Medical and EnteraSense Collaborate for US Distribution Deal Introducing Innovative PillSense Device

18 May 2024

Cook Medical and EnteraSense, have established an exclusive distribution agreement, showcasing a significant collaboration in the medical industry.

This partnership signifies Cook's dedication to providing innovative solutions to its customers, with the company assuming exclusive distribution rights for EnteraSense's PillSense product throughout the United States. Cook will commence its sales management and marketing responsibilities for PillSense in the fourth quarter of 2024.

PillSense, a revolutionary blood-sensing system, represents a critical advancement in healthcare. Upon ingestion, the PillSense capsule accurately detects upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB), facilitating rapid diagnosis and enabling prompt treatment for patients.

With PillSense receiving FDA approval in February 2023, it has gained recognition for its potential to save lives by expediting the diagnosis and triaging of UGIB cases.

Cook's Director of Product Management for Endoscopy, emphasized the life-saving potential of PillSense in swiftly diagnosing GI bleeds.

Integration of PillSense with Cook's existing products like Hemospray and Instinct Plus streamlines the diagnostic and treatment process for gastrointestinal bleeds, ultimately improving patient outcomes. This strategic partnership aims to expedite the delivery of PillSense to healthcare providers nationwide.

CEO of EnteraSense Ltd., highlighted the transformative impact of PillSense on UGIB diagnosis and patient care. The collaboration with Cook Medical is poised to accelerate the availability of PillSense across the United States, benefiting patients, clinicians, and hospitals alike.

This distribution agreement signifies Cook's evolution in delivering a diverse range of innovative products to address varying medical needs.

Following similar agreements earlier in 2024 for Bentley's BeBack Catheter and Getinge's iCast covered stent system, Cook is committed to fostering partnerships that broaden its product offerings.

As part of its five-year vision, Cook continues to adapt and innovate, ensuring access to cutting-edge solutions for healthcare providers and patients.