Claritas HealthTech Expands iPET™ Capabilities with iPETcertum™ for Automated Lesion Detection and Isotope Uptake Quantification in PET Scans

20 May 2024

Claritas HealthTech is thrilled to announce the completion of iPETcertum™, its latest software solution designed for the medical industry. iPETcertum™ builds upon the success of Claritas iPET™, a Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) aimed at improving PET, PET-CT/MRI scans by reducing scan time and contrast dose while maintaining diagnostic quality.

iPETcertum™ introduces automated lesion detection, delineation, and precise quantification of isotope uptake in tissues and organs. Clinicians can quickly locate lesions using parameters such as SUV, SUVmax, and volume values, enabling faster and more accurate reporting.

Co-founder and Director of Claritas, expressed his excitement, stating, "The completion of iPETcertum™ is a significant milestone in our collaboration with clinical partners. This software enhances clinicians' workflow, allowing them to focus more on patient care."

While Claritas iPET™ is already FDA 510k cleared and available commercially, iPETcertum™ is expected to receive FDA 510k clearance by the fourth quarter of 2024.

Both software solutions are equipment-agnostic and compatible with various image types, facilitating seamless integration into existing systems, whether onsite or accessed remotely.

The capabilities of Claritas' software will be showcased at the SNMMI Annual Meeting in Toronto in June 2024, offering healthcare professionals insight into the future of medical imaging technology.