AVITA Medical Reaches Milestone with Initial Use of RECELL GO System

8 June 2024

AVITA Medical, a leading company in regenerative medicine, has announced that the Joseph M. Still Burn Center at Doctors Hospital of Augusta is the first U.S. burn center to treat a patient with its newly FDA-approved RECELL GO™ System.

This innovative device, designed for wound care and skin restoration, marks a significant achievement for AVITA Medical.

“Introducing RECELL GO at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center is a significant milestone for AVITA Medical. Following the FDA approval, we ensured the device reached the center quickly, and their team has already completed several successful treatments.

We believe RECELL GO will enhance their treatment capabilities, allowing them to reach more patients and set a new standard in wound care. We look forward to seeing the positive outcomes from this collaboration.”

The RECELL GO System, a next-generation autologous cell harvesting device, uses a patient’s own skin to treat thermal burns and full-thickness skin defects.

AVITA Medical plans to roll out RECELL GO to top U.S. burn centers in June, with existing accounts being updated throughout the year. New accounts will receive RECELL GO with their first order, streamlining the process.

Chairman of Burn Reconstruction Center of America, emphasized their commitment to adopting advanced technologies: "As the largest U.S. burn center, we prioritize providing the best care for our patients.

By incorporating RECELL GO, we equip our clinical staff with cutting-edge technology, enabling us to focus on patient care. We are proud to be the first to use this innovative device in the U.S. and anticipate its positive impact on our patients."

RECELL technology offers significant benefits over traditional skin grafting, including improved healing with less donor skin, reduced pain, faster wound closure, and better aesthetic outcomes.

Patients generally require fewer procedures for definitive closure and have shorter hospital stays for burns covering less than 50% of the total body surface area.

The RECELL GO system enhances the preparation of Spray-On Skin™ Cells, reduces the training burden on medical staff, and improves operating room workflow efficiency. It optimizes the RECELL Enzyme™ incubation time for better cell yield and viability, simplifying the user interface and ensuring consistent, high-quality patient care.

Source: globenewswire.com