Align Technology Unveils iTero Lumina™: Enhanced Precision, Efficiency, and Compact Design

1 February 2024

Align Technology has introduced the iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner, a groundbreaking advancement in dental scanning technology. This innovative scanner boasts several key features and enhancements that promise to revolutionize the dental scanning experience.

The iTero Lumina scanner offers a 3X wider field of capture, all within a wand that is 50% smaller and 45% lighter compared to previous models. This expanded capture capability facilitates more comprehensive scanning while ensuring greater convenience and ease of use for clinicians.

One of the most notable improvements of the iTero Lumina is its enhanced speed and precision. With improved scanning speed and accuracy, the scanner delivers smoother and more efficient scanning processes, streamlining workflows in dental practices.

Utilizing iTero Multi-Direct Capture technology, the scanner enables simultaneous data capture from multiple angles. This feature not only accelerates the scanning process but also enhances the accuracy of the captured data, resulting in more precise scans and improved treatment outcomes.

The iTero Lumina also offers an extended capture range of up to 25mm, simplifying the scanning of complex oral regions with minimal adjustments. This increased flexibility allows clinicians to capture detailed data from a wider range of dental structures, ensuring comprehensive treatment planning and execution.

Furthermore, the scanner produces detailed 3D models with exceptional clarity, eliminating the need for traditional intraoral photos. This photorealistic imaging capability enhances visualization and communication between clinicians and patients, facilitating better treatment planning and patient education.

Designed for comfort, the iTero Lumina provides an effortless scanning experience for both clinicians and patients. Its ergonomic design and lightweight construction contribute to a more comfortable scanning experience, particularly for younger patients.

In summary, the iTero Lumina intraoral scanner represents a significant advancement in dental scanning technology. Its innovative features and enhancements promise superior clinical outcomes, increased practice efficiency, and improved patient experiences, making it an invaluable tool for modern dental practices.