AI Institute Launched by American Society for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy at Digestive Disease Week

21 May 2024

The American Society for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy (ASGE) introduced a groundbreaking initiative at Digestive Disease Week (DDW): the launch of the Artificial Intelligence Institute for Gastroenterology. This significant endeavor aims to merge artificial intelligence (AI) with gastrointestinal (GI) care, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and fostering innovation within the field.

The Institute stands on five foundational pillars: education, training, and curriculum development; advocacy; standards, quality, and safety; optimization of practice operations; and serving as a hub for healthcare professionals to collaborate.

ASGE President for 2024-2025 and Chair of the ASGE Task Force on Artificial Intelligence, expressed the organization's dedication to spearheading AI integration in gastroenterology. He emphasized the importance of enhancing physician training and fostering collaboration with key stakeholders to elevate patient care and safety standards.

The creation of this Institute underscores the acknowledgment of AI as an indispensable component of modern medicine, profoundly influencing patient outcomes and workflow efficiencies. ASGE, as the leading GI medical society in this realm, aims to bring together physicians, AI experts, innovators, and regulators to establish a consensus on AI's application in GI endoscopy.

A recent survey among ASGE members highlighted AI as the top area requiring additional education and resources. The Institute will address this need through comprehensive training initiatives, including hands-on workshops and an AI Scholars Program, to equip physician members and their teams with the requisite knowledge and skills to leverage AI technologies effectively.

As a division of ASGE, the Institute will expand the organization's collaboration with regulatory agencies such as the FDA and ONC to provide feedback on the regulatory framework for AI. This collaboration aims to facilitate a smoother approval process for AI-driven medical devices and software, crucial for seamless integration into clinical settings.

Furthermore, the Institute is actively engaging with stakeholders, including congressional AI task forces, payers, industry partners, and organizations like the American Medical Association, to ensure the transparent, equitable, and ethical use of AI in GI healthcare.