Accuhealth and Signallamp Merge, Supported by Sunstone Partners' Additional Investment

10 July 2024

Accuhealth and Signallamp Health have announced their merger, supported by additional investment from Sunstone Partners.

This strategic combination aims to provide a comprehensive suite of remote care services, including remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management (CCM), to physician practices and health systems nationwide.

Signallamp Health, headquartered in Scranton, PA, specializes in remote Chronic Care Management, focusing on improving patient engagement, clinical outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs.

By joining forces with Accuhealth, the merger expands their service offerings, integrating Accuhealth’s RPM solution with Signallamp Health’s CCM platform.

The merger is designed to enhance patient outcomes and satisfaction by supporting physicians and preventing costly health events through integrated remote healthcare solutions.

The transformative impact of remote healthcare services on accessibility, healthcare delivery efficiency, and patient-physician relationships.

The merger positions the combined entity to better serve its client base of over 300 organizations across 48 states, leveraging a distributed workforce spanning more than 40 states.

With offices in Tampa (FL), Scranton (PA), McAllen (TX), and Edinberg (TX), the combined company remains committed to delivering high-quality remote care services to its diverse customer base across the United States.