Rikke Dorset
About: Rikke Dorset - Marketing Manager

When we first started, it was a smaller, niche market, with fewer players. Then it has gradually grown to what it is today. Furthermore, we have seen a great increase in buyers’ attention to value and condition.

1. LBN Medical AS has been providing used and refurbished equipment since 2003. In your opinion, how much has the industry changed over time and in what ways

The Industry has changed over so many years. When we first started, it was a smaller, niche market, with fewer players. Then it has gradually grown to what it is today. Furthermore, we have seen a great increase in buyers’ attention to value and condition. I think many people learnt the hard way, that they should be careful who they buy from. Due to the great growth in the market, it has also attracted numerous scammers who try to sell systems that they do not have. That is why we always recommend that you buy from someone you trust, or who is known in the market.

2. Among MRI Scanners, X-ray Equipment, and OEM refurbished etc, which equipment hold the largest market share in the industry?

It is a tough call to give a clear picture of the market shares, which always varies with the geography. This means that for some countries it might be CT, and for others it might be ultrasound. This is due to the various restrictions that limit or prohibit the imports and the sales of pre-owned and refurbished equipment. However, the market share per modality is likely to be proportional to market shares of the new equipment; since, most deals replace existing devices.
Furthermore, the answer will depend on whether the question relates to units or profit. There might be more units moving within ultrasounds, yet the CTs or MRIs might hold a greater market share when looking at profit. Simply because the margins on these deals are higher.

3. Before selling refurbished equipment, does LBN Medical take any precautionary measures to meet the health, safety, and quality standards?

We always thoroughly test our systems to make sure that they fulfill the needs and standards of medical imaging equipment. This includes cleaning and disinfection of the systems. We are ISO certified and we have experienced technicians in-house. They are familiar with the ISO standards, and they ensure that all units are in excellent condition.

4. As the Marketing Manager of LBN Medical AS, how do you think the refurbished medical equipment will add value to the medical suppliers/buyers?

I think that pre-owned and refurbished medical imaging equipment is a great alternative to new. Often our customers can purchase products that are more sophisticated and advanced than if they bought a new system. Simply because their budget will get them more features with a refurbished.

I know that we have great quality systems coming out - I talk to the technicians on a daily basis, as I often need their input for marketing materials. Therefore, I know how much they care about the quality of the systems because they ultimately care for our customers, and the patients that they need to assist. So our pre-owned systems are fully tested and if needed, upgraded and repaired before we ship them out.

Additionally, we are currently working on a new line of LBN Medical refurbished products, that will include the Siemens ultrasounds: S1000 HELX, S2000 HELX, S3000 HELX, SC2000, and X700.

It will be a line of ISO certified refurbished products that will bring great value to our customers, as they will come with 1 year warranty on all parts and probes. We know this an important point for some of our customers, so we are really happy that we will be able to offer this product line.

5. LBN Medical handles installations, de-installations, shipping of all types of equipment worldwide. What precautions do you take to ship equipment without getting damaged?

Our warehouse team is very experienced, and they securely crate everything that leaves our warehouse. Each task is assessed and therefore crating is optimized for each individual unit. Parts and accessories are individually wrapped and packed in separate boxes, with plenty of foam to absorb any movement during transport. And they are not only customizing for each unit, they are also customizing for the mode of transport, as there are differing needs for transport by plane, ship, or truck. Naturally, we only ship with trusted partners. Therefore, our systems arrive safely, and our number of transport damages are practically non-existent.

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