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It was 1997 when ACL launched its project of coming up with a computer system specifically for medical applications based on longstanding contacts with university clinics and medical engineering departments. Our first two products ART-G1 (1998) and ART-K1 (1999) got an excellent reception among numerous customers in medical applications all over Germany. We delivered our first equipment to customers outside of the European Union as early as 2001 thus measurably expanding our sales territory.

We started producing a completely new series of compact computer systems and TFT displays for medical applications in 2003. The outstanding feature of this next-generation equipment is maximum computing power in minimum space. All of ACL's systems work without any rotating fans or ventilation openings.

ACL has put it at the top of its agenda to come up with and produce the optimum IT hardware solution for each medical application. We have set ourselves the standard of always being one step ahead of the competition. ACL is emblematic for uncompromising customer focus and long-lived high-quality products. ACL’s OR-PCs will make a believer out of you with its superior quality and exemplary ergonomics. Our range of models is topped off by an extensive program of select periphery products and accessories while comprehensive service and consultation put the final touches on our portfolio. That has made us one of the leading suppliers of IT hardware for operating theatres and intensive care wards.

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