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Key Products : Leading company in reselling and refurbished medical equipment in the world

LBN Medical is one of the leading companies in reselling and refurbished medical equipment in the world. The company has strong roots since its foundation in 2003 by Lars Braun Nielsen and Jan Brandrup under the name of Epoka Medic Mission. It started with only two employees. The staff count gradually increased to over 30 professionals today, who are based in its headquarters in Aalborg and offices situated in Russia and France.

During the years of its existence the company has maintained its core values like trustworthiness, respect and commitment. It means that the relationships that are established with our customers are highly valued and customers can rely on LBN Medical to receive honest and useful advice in relation to the products they need and also get the equipment at the right price and delivered at the arranged place and time.

LBN Medical provides equipment within the medical imaging area with new, used and refurbished devices catering the needs of healthcare sector all around the world. The product range includes ultrasound units, used to get visual of structures and fluids in the body, along with the proper transducers probes. For greater pictures in the body cavity, the company provides customers with Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanners (MRIs) as well as Computed Tomography systems (CT systems). Furthermore, customers are offered with quality systems based on X-ray technology, such as C-arms, Mammography units, RAD rooms and much more.

Company’s expert advice help customers to decide, which device best suits their needs by providing them with detailed information and explanation of all the features along with technical specifications of the products. Once the required product is determined, the company’s Sourcing Department concentrates on finding it in case it is not in stock. The medical equipment is normally inspected and verified by LBN Medical. A number of trained engineers take care of the devices when received in our inventory and perform thorough tests on them, so they can meet the demands of our customers and maintain high standards. Shipping is considered as one of the company’s main priorities and a big emphasis is put on making sure that the products are packed in a safe way as only wood, which is approved by ISPM15 standard, is used for the crating.

Ultrasound Transducer

The GE i12L is an intraoperative ultrasound transducer probe. The GE i12L is used for pediatric, small parts and vascular applications and exams. This transducer is a specialty probe that has a frequency range of 4.5 to 11.5MHz. It can be purchased in fully refurbished condition from Providian Medical.


  • Specialty intraoperative probe
  • Frequency 4.5-11.5 MHz
  • Linear array

Digital Mammography (Siemens Novation)

Like regular mammography, digital mammography produces pictures of the breast using X-rays. Instead of film, this process uses detectors that change the X-rays into electrical signals, which are then converted to an image. Digital mammography is used for both screening and diagnosis. For the patient, the procedure is the same as with ordinary mammography. The Siemens Mammomat Novation DR Full Field Digital Mammography System (Novation DR) is used with an approved X-ray system.

The device passes X-rays through the breast tissue to the digital receptor which converts the X-ray energy to numbers, processes the numbers, and produces an image that can be viewed at a work station or sent to a film printer.


Ultrasound GE Vivid E9

Ultrasound GE Vivid E9

MRI Scanner Siemens Avanto 76/18 TIM, 1.5T

MRI Scanner Siemens Avanto 76/

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