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Key Products : Modular wall system, Hospital doors, Self standing monobloc wall system

For over 30 years, SHD ITALIA has been widely popular for engineering sophisticated and cutting-edge prefabricated modular wall systems and allied instruments for the healthcare industry in Italy and also across the globe.

SHD Italia’s services include designing, manufacturing and installing prefabricated Operating Theaters, Intensive Care Units, Dialysis Units and Central Sterile Services departments for many hospitals in the domestic and international circuit.

The wall cladding and prefabricated self-loading modular system provide optimal and flexible solutions to hospital departments requiring sterile conditions or controlled bacterial contamination. SHD Italia’s experience allows it to build new or refurbish older hospital/clinic projects.

Surgical rooms, ICU, Dialysis and CSSD departments across the globe have benefited from the Company’s modern sterile environments.

Lindo® System

The Lindo® System is a modular wall system comprising a self-standing metal substructure on which various types of panels, doors and built-in accessories can be fixed, disassembled and reassembled without use of bolts and fixtures.

The prefabricated wall system can be taken apart and remade at any point, and their designs can be customized during installation.

An ideal solution for Operating Theaters and Intensive Care Units, the benefits of the modular wall system include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Reduced installation time with quick maintenance
  • High quality material with wide range of colors and type of panels.
  • No sharp edges, no horizontal joints between panels and accessories
  • Fire resistant; X-Ray protected; air-tight ceiling with integrated accessories, air-tight windows, built-in accessories; and air permeability and acoustic insulation.
  • Vertical joints between panels are constructed with non-toxic silicone gaskets or welding with SMS panels.
  • Irregular screed compensation

The Lindo® System is available in several surface finishes, including antibacterial Aspesi Solid Mineral Surface®; transparent or lacquered glass; HPL laminate; stainless steel; and painted stainless steel.


  • Aluminium and steel substructure
  • Finishing panels
  • Angular profiles
  • Built-in accessories
  • Suspended ceiling and light fixtures
  • Air handling units

Lindo® Hospital Doors

Lindo® Hospital Doors are used for establishing new hospital facilities as well as refurbishing existing ones; and can be installed in every critical hospital department.

The advanced hospital doors are designed with various solutions for different applications including, but not limited to:

  • Sliding or hinged
  • Automatic or manual
  • 1 leaf airtight
  • 2 leaves airtight
  • 1 leaf hermetic class 4 according to EN 12207
  • Different finishing panels and a wide range of colors
  • X-Ray protection
  • Manual and automatic drives
  • Electro block system
  • Safety IR sensors
  • Elbow, touchless, and foot operators

The hospital door manufacturer supplies the brand in various surface finishes, including antibacterial Aspesi Solid Mineral Surface®; Transparent or lacquered glass; HPL laminate; stainless steel; painted stainless steel; and, Ceramicsteel® vitreous enamel.


  • Leaf with high-density polyurethane built and aluminium profiles
  • Sliding mechanism
  • Power drive for operation
  • Canopy in aluminium
  • Telescopic linings in aluminium or stainless steel

Dermeidos® System

The Dermeidos® System is a self-standing monobloc wall system ideal for cladding (covering) various hospital departments that require protection from bacterial contamination, including sterilization rooms, laboratories, and rooms that adjoin surgical units.

Hospital units can attach and detach these wall cladding & self-loading modular systems at any time depending on the requirement. The modular design allows for high functionality and swift emergency care.


  • Absence of substructure with connection to ceiling allows for smaller installation time with quick maintenance.
  • High-quality material with wide range of colors and types of panels
  • No sharp edges or horizontal joints.


  • HPL Laminate
  • Transparent or Lacquered glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Painted stainless steel
  • Painted steel


  • Bifacial monobloc with finishing panels
  • Flooring U-guide
  • Angular profiles
  • Air Handling Units
  • Suspended ceiling and light fixtures

Lindo® Touchscreen Control Panel

The Lindo® Touchscreen Control Panel is a hospital computer for controlling Operating Theater processes and environment.

The interactive display of the touch screen control panel allows the OT team to get information about medical gases, HVAC systems, and electrical systems, and can monitor and regulate related parameters.


  • Analog clock and digital stopwatch
  • Temperature and relative humidity display
  • Day/Night mode
  • Light intensity controller
  • Lock-Unlock screen
  • Surgical gloves not necessary to handle panel


  • Amount of gases (including carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen)
  • Humidity percentage and temperature gradient
  • Ventilation
  • Environment statistics

The Lindo® Touchscreen Control Panel can be installed both on the Lindo® System and on other types of wall materials – gypsum board, brick wall and other prefabricated cladding walls.

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