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Key Products : Fetal Monitors, Vascular Dopplers, Syringe Destroyers

Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer mainly dealing in medical equipment especially in gynecologic diagnoses apparatus.


Our company has 7 series products: BF series Fetal Doppler; BFM series Fetal Monitor; BPM series Monitor Multi-parameter; BV series Vascular Doppler; BD series Syringe Destroyer; ECG series and BEU Ultrasound Devices.



BF-500/500+/500++/500A/500B/500C/500D/500D+/510/510S/530 pocket Fetal Dopplers have eleven models with respective functions, which can be used at home, clinic or hospital for detecting the Fetal Heart Rate (FHR).



BF-600/600+/610/610P Portable Fetal Dopplers, BF-600/600+/610/610P have monitor function, LCD displays heart rate signal indication at the same time, BF-610P has high precision built-in printer which can print synchronous FHR graphics.



BV-520T Vascular Doppler with LCD display has freeze function. BV-620V/620VP can store the data and transmit to a computer through RS-232 port. 



BEU-8100/8200/8300/8400/8500/8600 Ultrasound devices with their respective functions to various applications in clinic and hospitals



BPM-9500/9500A/9500B/9500C Multi-parameter Patient Monitor body features as ECG, NIBP, heart beat, pulse oxygen saturation, respiration, and animal heat and so on. The display is 12.1” full color TFT LCD.



We attend more than ten professional medical exhibitions each year home and abroad.



All Bestman's high-tech products are strictly manufactured. We own ISO9001:2000, ISO13485:2003 certificate and CE mark and act according to the principles of the perfect technology, products and services. Most of our products are exported to the Middle-East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, America etc. They are popular with hospitals and clinics.



After many years of development we have enjoyed high reputation in medical equipment profession. Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co. Ltd. will try its best to develop a professional manufacturer in China and even in the world.


Fetal Monitors

BFM-700/700E/700+/700E+/700A/700M/710M series Fetal/Maternal Monitors have four models to be used at clinic or hospital for monitoring FHR for single or twins and mother's Toco, NIBP,SpO2 and Maternal Heart Rate (MHR). These models of fetal monitor can transmit FHR signal to a computer through RS-232 port. 

Vascular Dopplers BV-520/520T/620V/620VP

BV-520/520T Vascular Doppler Detector can detect the blood stream status of artery / vena, and detect the blood stream of average speed, and it can detect the effect of fingers/toes and part of body's vein operation.

Syringe Destroyers BD-300A/300B /300C

BD-300A/300B/300C series Disposable Syringe Destroyers safe, clean, simple and fast, protects human being and environment from the used syringe infection, which can melt a needle and destroy the body within only 3-5 seconds.

Digital Filters ECG-200A/200B/203

ECG-200A/200B/203 with high resolution digital filter inhibits baseline of ECG. Rechargeable batteries are fitted in ECG which supports up to 50 patient examinations. We have one channel, three channels and so on.

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