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Key Products : Trivitron include Cardiology and Implantable Devices

Trivitron Healthcare


Trivitron Healthcare is the largest Medical Technology Company of Indian origin that is focused on manufacturing, innovation, distribution and best-in-class after sales support across the globe.

The key focus segments of Trivitron include Cardiology and Implantable Devices (CID), Imaging Sciences, Lab Diagnostics (IVD), Critical Care & Life Support Solutions (CLSS) and Ophthalmology, boasting as one of the most comprehensive solution offerings in value and premium segments in the Medical Technology space.

Trivitron recognized medical technologies as a key to discovering newer and more innovative ways of finding solutions that lower the cost of healthcare services in India and in the emerging markets.

With Technology for every need across the entire medical technology spectrum, Trivitron has established South Asia’s first state of the art Medical Technology Park, Trivitron Medical Technology Park to manufacture internationally accredited medical technology products in alliance with global pioneers in medical technology space. The facilities in the Park will manufacture high quality, cost effective MT products. The Park will house over 10 global brands to manufacture MT products for India and emerging markets of the world. The entire range of products to be manufactured in the TMTP will adhere to international standards such as ISO 9000-2003, ISO 13485, US FDA & Japan MITI certifications. The range of products to be manufactured at the medical technology park include Ultrasound systems, In-Vitro Diagnostic reagents, Modular Operating Rooms, Molecular Diagnostic products, Haemodialysis systems, Cardiac diagnostic instruments, Implantable medical devices etc.

In a partnership with academia that is the first of its kind in the field of medical technology in India, Trivitron has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, and world renowned engineering institute to set up the ‘Trivitron Innovation Center’. Combining their engineering might with Trivitron’s industry knowledge and expertise, the centre’s bio-medical engineering facility has their scientists working on medical technology solutions of the future. The centre of excellence will design and develop Medical Technology products that are cost effective as well as of the highest quality.


Lab Diagnostics - In-Vitro diagnostics (IVD)

From diagnostic kits to analysers and reagents, Trivitron has expertise in the area of precision, offering a wide range of solutions combining Clinical Chemistry, Haemotology, Microbiology, Immunology, Point of Care diagnostics, Molecular Diagnostics, Histopathology and other niche areas like Neo-Natal screenings, Electrophoresis, Diabetic testing, etc.
Clinical chemistry of Trivitron lab diagnostics has


  • Konelab, the fully automated clinical chemistry analysers
  • Konelab system packs
  • Nanolab 240 from Trivitron Healthcare
  • Nanolab 150 from Trivitron Healthcare
  • Labmate 10 Plus from Trivitron Healthcare



Electrolyte analyzers with Trivitron are Elite that is ISE-based analyzer for Na+, Li +, K+ and CL-and LablyteTM is a compact electrolyte analyzer

Clinical electrophoresis has fully automated systems like Capillarys 2/ flex piercing, MinicapFP, Hydrasys 2/ Scan and Manual K 20.

Haematology / Pathology has advanced fully automated 3 part differential hematology analyzers called Cellenium 19 Haematology Analyser, Cellenium Junior Haematology Analyser and High Quality Hematology Analyzer Reagents.

Linear chemicals section has Automated ESR Analyzers namely IRIA, LENA and THERMA - NE.

Coagulation has Trivitrimer 1001 – a single channel system, Trivitrimer 1002 – a double channel system and Trivitrimer 1004 – a fully automated four channel system, of own manufacturing.

Urine analysis has Urimate 100, an advanced high luminosity technology and Urimate STRP, an automated urine analysis system.

Sperm quality analyzer has SQA - V Gold that is a fully automated analytical medical device that performs a complete quantitative evaluation of semen quality and semen parameters in less than 2 minutes.

Microbiology equipments include fully automated and available as Versatrek, Aris 2, Autoreader, Vizion, and Autoinoculator.

Molecular diagnostics equipment is also fully automated and available as Rotor-Gene Q, QIAcube, QIAgility, and QIAxcel.

Cytology has ThinPrep 2000 is an automated PAP Smear processor for GYN & Non-GYN specime.

Point-of-care Diagnostics instruments and kits are for cardiac care with Cardiac Biomarker, CardiaChek, Clover, Hb Meter, Rapid test for Pregnancy test,ID.

Immunology has ELISA Kits for Neonatal Blood Screening for Neonatal Blood Screening.


Critical Care & Life Support Solutions

Critical care & life support solutions (CLSS) from Trivitron delivers accurate diagnosis and support in critical conditions. Trivitron has worked with several healthcare centers to setup fully-equipped high-end ICUs, bringing clients a one stop solution to life support products including ventilators, patient monitoring systems, defibrillator, ECG machines, Stress Test Systems, Holter system, Dialysis system, R.O units, Syringe and Infusion pump and consumables.

Trivitron’s critical care & life support solutions division has wide range of equipments and solutions. Trivitron boasts of end-to-end Operation Theatre solutions from Digital OTs, Hybrid OTs, GAF OTs, LAF OTs and much more.

Trivitron also offer a wide range of Physiotherapy solutions from Johari- Trivitron medical systems.

Ultra-Clean Guided Airflow Operating Room systems and Pendants, offered by Trivitron are of world class standards to make OT bacteria free. Trivitron provides digital OT as a concept, combining OT table, lights, camera, pendants etc. with an integrated software enhancing the efficiency of Operating Theatres. Physiotherapy products has a gamut of offerings including Laser therapy, Ultrasound and Interferrential Therapies, Nerve and Muscle stimulator, Shortwave and Longwave diathermy, Continuous Passive Motion and Multi-Waveform combination.

Imaging Sciences

In this industry where seeing is believing, Trivitron has set itself apart with its world-class imaging solutions, from indigenous manufacture of  equipments to bringing the most advanced technology to India.  Trivitron has established multiple manufacturing Joint Ventures with Hitachi-Aloka, the pioneer of ultrasound technology to manufacture High Definition ultrasound and Color Doppler systems in India, with Kiran Medical Systems to manufacture radiation protection products and image enhancement products, and with Vision X-ray for digital X-Ray, C-arm, DR, etc. Trivitron’s range of innovative imaging solutions also includes CT, MRI, Digital Mammography, Bone Densitometry system, PACS, Contrast Media, etc.  
Trivitron indigenously manufactures a series of Ultrasound equipments at its manufacturing plant, the Aloka Trivitron Medical Technology (ATMT) Park located at Sriperumbuthur, Near Chennai, and TN. The range includes low-end Prosound 2 to mid-end Prosound 4 to high-end Prosound Alpha 6 and Prosound Alpha 7

Trivitron is the authorized distributor of Hitachi’s Ultrasound equipments, namely, Avius, Preirus and Ascendus.

CT, MRI and digital X-ray is innovative imaging solutions of Trivitron from Hitachi Medical Systems.

Trivitron has made strategic investments in Kiran Medical Systems, to offer world-class image enhancement and radiation protection products.

Trivitron has invested in Vision Engineering to jointly manufacture digital X-ray equipments, with CR and DR coming up in the near future.

Trivitron is the authorized distributor of cutting-edge solutions on Digital Mammography, Bone Densitometer from Hologic to India.


Ophthalmologists use several techniques during surgeries. Trivitron has tied up with Technolas Perfect Vision to  bring leading technologies in LASIK surgery that seamlessly integrate with any practice, allowing medical practitioners to offer highly personalized ophthalmic surgeries to their patients.
The products offered by Trivitron include:


  • LASIK Refractive Cataract System – VICTUS
  • Presbyopic solution- Supracor / Intracor
  • Zyoptix® Laser
  • Zyoptix® Diagnostic Workstation
  • XP Microkeratome
  • Technolas Femtosecond Workstation 520f
  • Software Modules (applications)
  • Therapeutic Treatments


Cardiology and Implantable Devices (CID)

With the latest technologies in Cardiac specialty, Trivitron Healthcare helps specialists with the latest technologies in cardiology and implantable devices to provide the best healthcare solutions at affordable rates. The cutting-edge, cost effective medical technology in cardiology and implantable devices from Trivitron is the result of joint ventures with Global leaders.

The cardiology and implantable device solutions for interventional neurologists and gastroenterologist include top-of-the-line technology solutions at all times. They are:

ECG equipment is available in 6 models those can serve five different purposes of ECG testing, namely iBeat1, iBeat3, iBeat3V, iBeat6, iBeat6V and iBeat12V.

Cardiology solutions include Click ECG, CLICK Holter, Cube abpm, Cubeholter, Cube Stress, Walk 200b, and Walk 400h.

Trivitron also offers Echo Cardiogram (Colour Doppler) of the models Prosound Alpha 6 and Prosound Alpha 7.

Aneurysm Coils include GDC Detachable Aneurysm Coils, GDC Soft Aneurysm Coils, GDC 2D Aneurysm Coils, GDC SR (Stretch-Resistant) and GDC UltraSoft Aneurysm Coils

Stents are Neuroform3 Stent System and Wingspan Stent System.

Micro Catheters are Renegade® Microcatheters, Excelsior® Microcatheters, Argon-Plasma Coagulation, and Excelsior 1018® Pre-Shaped Microcatheters

Guidewires are Transend Guidewires and Synchro Guidewires

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