Company : Allengers Medical Systems Limited

Category : Medical Equipment and Technology

Key Products : Allengers Medical Systems, Roll Scan


14″x17″ Portable Wired/Wireless Flat Panel detector, 17″ touch console, Integra X – Integrated image acquisition system. LAN connectivity with DICOM printer operates on just 15 Amps / 230 Volt standard wall socket, full DICOM 3.0 connectivity.

Roll Scan

50 Khz HF generator (less skin dose), Powered by 1K x 1K imaging system, High quality – superb images, LCD display, Convenience of operation due to monitors mounted on C-Arm carriage, Fully integrated unit – enables ease of shifting and operating.


DigiXeco an economical series of digital radiography systems are specialized models for general radiographic applications. These systems are available with the X-Ray tube head mounted on a floor to ceiling stand/ceiling free stand, a single detector embedded in the vertical bucky housing, mobile table and high frequency x-ray generator (as per user intended applications).


Altima uses state-of-the-art digital Technology for superb performance, improved reliability, ease of use to meet the expectations of Cardiologists to give a single solution for Cardiac and Vascular imaging.