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Plus91 offers high quality, feature enriched, and affordable software products for the Indian Healthcare fraternity. A unique online model allows 24/7, in-depth support. Plus91 offers toolkits in major verticals which include radiology, ayurveda, adverse drug reporting, dental imaging, patient management and hospital management. Healthcare softwares are deployed across the country using a new paradigm for development, which provides a better, safer and quicker environment, allowing your practice to transfer data seamlessly. With information at your finger tips, and the add-on facilities provided by Plus91 help make a differentiation in these services.


Radiology fields including X-rays, sonography and MRI are covered under Plus91’s UltraSite package. Plus91 has a radiology solution especially designed to manage clinics and diagnostic centers. The radiology services offered are at par with the industry standards. Radiology solution from Plus91 is easy to use and comes with an innovative pricing strategy. The radiology solution can interface with multiple machines and is able to read DICOM compatible images. It offers reporting, patient management, image management, PNDT reporting and billing among other standard modules. Toolkits offered for radiology enable optimum usage of UltraSite package. Hospital management solutions also aid in proper management of patient radiology data.


LabSense is Plus91’s offering in the Pathology and Lab management vertical. A complete and interactive solution to manage your laboratory with in-built reporting templates and calculators to make your Lab just a little bit more efficient. With mobile alerts and other interactive features to make the Lab productive and friendly. Plus91 also provides an Adverse Drug reporting package approved by the National Pharmacovgilance cell.

Hospital Management Solutions

Plus91 has an exclusive hospital management/clinic management product. Hospital Management is a multi module solution designed to cater to small clinics and large hospitals. The hospital management solution is designed to ensure significant value addition to the hospital business. Hospital management functions both as a product as well as Software as a solution (SaaS) thereby reducing IT costs. Hospital management is a high end application which contains the latest features and specialty modules. Security and service quality is ensured by Plus91s new age design and encryption techniques. Hospital management enables easy availability and better management of data. Similar to clinic management, Hospital management offers one stop solution for entire hospital setup. Toolkits offered with hospital management help in optimum utilization of the product.

Easy Reports PNDT

PNDT is the Prenatal diagnostic techniques act of 1994. PNDT act was brought into being to regulate the misuse of prenatal diagnostic techniques and prevent female foeticide. EasyReports PNDT from Plus91 is India’s first software solution targeted at generating PNDT reports. Easy reports PNDT is generated in compliance with the PNDT Act. EasyReports PNDT generates report within 30 seconds for the whole month. Filling Form-F takesan average one minute per patient making a quick and accurate solution.

ClinVeda - Ayurveda clinic manager

Ayurveda solutions from Plus91 are part of a feature rich practice management bouquet for the ayurveda doctors.  The Ayurvedic clinic management contains Ayurvedic drug database for easy prescription along with easy to fill and intelligently designed Ayurveda EMRs. Modern software development methodologies are also used in Ayurvedic clinic management. The software of Ayurvedic clinic management is designed to cater to electronic patient health records, accounting and billing, prescription management, referral management, drug databases and statistics. An OPD solution is also available to manage the Ayurveda OPD setup. ClinVeda is the Ayurveda clinic management system from Plus91. Ayurveda bouquet also includes a specialized Ayurveda Adverse drug reporting system to help manage such events.

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