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ALVO MEDICAL, located in Poland, provides innovative solutions and products for operating theatres and other healthcare facilities, including laboratory and mortuary/pathology labs in the healthcare industry. We develop ideas into finished, market-ready commodities on a turnkey basis. Our sales and distribution offices are, however, located in areas around the world and this adds to our gathered experience of 20 years in the medical field.


The confidence of our customers is our best reference. We are renowned for excellent technology, superior material and highest hygiene standards. ALVO MEDICAL delivers ergonomic integrated systems that consist of wall and ceiling panels, doors, glass elements, surgical scrub sinks, cabinets, patient transportation systems, operating tables and operating lights. Our expert team has developed an intelligent operating theatre, ALVO INTEGRA. The system navigates the devices in the operating room in a hospital for better functionality and efficiency of the medical staff. ALVO INTEGRA has recently been developed with clinical image registration and distribution options.



Constant market research and suggestions coming from hospital designers and practising doctors determine the company’s development and are visible in the design and quality of our products.


ALVO Integra

ALVO Integra is the perfect solution for the modern operating room within premises of hospitals and healthcare facilities. It is a complete integration of all devices and has an advanced form of imaging.

ALVO Integra is a digital, future-proof operating room system that offers complete integration of medical devices and clinical image inside the operating room, between multiple operating rooms as well as beyond the hospital (eg. with reference hospital, auditorium...). ALVO Integra can be configured and expanded according to individual customers’ needs, with lower costs.

ALVO Integra is a solution built on the IP network to boost operational efficiency, increase patient safety and generate more hospital revenue. IP’s open architecture is a basis for standardization. This minimizes long term ownership costs.

ALVO Integra enables intuitive control of medical equipment and devices in operating theater using wireless touch panel. The most important features are optical fiber, easy expansion of the system and IP-based solution.

ALVO Serenada-C

The specialised operating table ALVO SERENADA-C perfectly harmonizes with the needs of your catherization suite. The floating table top performs smooth, fluent x-y movements to provide precise and safe patient positioning. The carbon fibre table top with 360 translucency ensures optimal imaging outcomes.

ALVO Serenada-C can be controlled via ALVO Integra system build in the wall or hanging on a ceiling pendent near the operating field. Your cathlab operating table ALVO SERENADA-C and your imaging source can now be managed from one spot!

ALVO Operating Tables improve the daily clinical routine, offering comfort and fulfilling all performance demands of a surgical team. ALVO Tables have been designed for all kinds of surgical operations. Ease-of-use, versatility and optimised access to the operating area increase working ergonomics for the surgical team.

ALVO Tables can be controlled using wire controller or optionally by wireless controller, control panel, or OR touch panel of the ALVO Integra system.

Mobile Hospital Trolley

ALVO Transpa is a mobile hospital trolley which enables to transfer the patient anywhere within the hospital. Its mobile structure allows to use it in any place, especially where it is not possible to install a fixed patient transfer unit. ALVO Transpa uses a special rolling belt system in order to smoothly slide the patient on/off the hospital bed.

In most hospitals a common technique of transferring the patient is by pulling the patient across, in an inconvenient bent-over position, This technique produce the 40% of health cases among the hospital professionals. The ALVO Transpa system based on a regular hospital trolley, with rolling belt to smoothly roll the patients to and from an operating table or a hospital bed, is significant innovation in patient transfer. Its ergonomic design enables to move smoothly around the hospital. Easy and comfortable to move thanks to its big, easy-roll and swivel castors.

Modular Wall System

The right technology in the Operating Theatre can limit the costs and time needed to prepare the OR for surgery. The ALVO Medical Cladding System consists on wall and ceiling panels, interior doors and windows.

The System is designed for operating theatres, treatment rooms and rooms in which high sanitary and hygienic standards are required. Our products including the ALVO Cladding system are designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

For our wall and ceiling panels, we use stainless steel of the highest quality, which meets the international standards and the highest requirements of the Healthcare System.

Following the Philosophy Design that Heals, ALVO Cladding System also offers safety glass panels with graphics. We prepare each project according to individual needs and demands of our customers.

In addition, ALVO offers a wide range of furniture that match perfectly with the cladding system, such as: surgical scrub sinks, medical cabinets, working tables, trolleys and more. 

ALVO Retractor system

The ALVO retractor system is intended to provide optimal use of the surgical incision in order to ensure good access within the operative field. It is suitable for major surgery related to medical conditions of lower oesophagus, diaphragm, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, liver, bile ducts, pancreas, spleen and urinary system as well as for retroperitoneal procedures. It can also be used in trauma surgery via the trans-abdominal approach and gynaecological procedures where the longitudinal incision is used.

The retractor system is mounted to the side rails on the tabletop of the operating table. The retractors are made of high-quality stainless steel and meet the highest safety and hygiene criteria of the operating room.

It is easy to use and quick to assembly. Its high functionality minimises the number of essential retractor elements. Protection of the tissues not being operated on, against damage, convenient for a surgeon-“hands-free” system.

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