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Shimadzu Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd. is a hundred year old company which is into designing, manufacturing and developing a range of scientific products and equipments.

Surgical C Arm

Surgical C arm table has found increasing demand in recent years. Surgical C arm table facilitates X-ray system for examination in variety of surgical specialty areas. Surgical C arm table from Shimadzu provides from different directions, to vascular and non-vascular IVR. In this way surgical C arm table contributes to increased examination efficiency in hospitals. Shimadzu has developed a range of products with surgical C arm facility. Shimadzu has developed surgical C arm facility with high image quality and reduced radiation exposure. Surgical C arm from the company has a compact design with large examination range and smooth movement. Surgical C arm is designed for safety and easy operation.

Medical X Ray Equipment

Shimadzu is the first medical X ray equipment manufacturer in Japan. The company has been designing and manufacturing medical x ray equipments since hundred years. Shimadzu develops, manufactures and distributes a broad range in medical x ray equipments. The medical x ray equipments from the company include a broad range of diagnostic systems in all areas of clinical application. Shimadzu is among the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced imaging systems and medical x ray equipments. The company offers best solutions in medical x ray equipments. These medical X ray equipments are used in all the major hospitals and clinics around the world. Accurate and superior quality results are provided by these medical X ray equipments. Operational ease and least maintenance are a specialty of Shimadzu medical X ray equipments.

Digital Radiography

Shimadzu provides cutting edge technology in digital radiography. It has a broad range of digital radiography solutions namely:


  • RADspeed Safire
  • RADspeed
  • RADspeed MC
  • RADspeed MF



Digital radiography solutions are offered in digital /products_services/diagnostics_imaging/shimadzu_asia/images with direct conversion FPD. This makes the acquisition of digital radiography /products_services/diagnostics_imaging/shimadzu_asia/images safe, easy and fast. Extensive clinical experience in digital radiography ensures a wide range of useful image-processing features. The digital radiography solutions provide maximum productivity and throughput. Versatile laser image output in digital radiography matches operating style. Digital radiography solutions are available in ceiling suspensions and as floor mounted.


Flat Panel Detectors

Flat panel detectors have made huge technological advances in last few years. Shimadzu combined X-ray sensors in fluoroscopy and radiography applications to promote the development of the direct – conversion dynamic flat panel detectors. Flat panel detectors can handle all systems from general radiography to angiography. The direct conversion dynamic flat panel detectors from Shimadzu achieve high spatial resolution. These flat panel detectors provide excellent S/N characteristics in fluoroscopy and radiography and have received favorable evaluation throughout.

Image Intensifiers

Shimadzu has developed a range of products with image intensifiers to facilitate angiography. The products developed with image intensifiers are :


  • FPD Cardiovascular System
  • FPD Angiography System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Angiography System
  • C-arm Table



Conventional image intensifiers or the ones available with indirect FPD technology are based on Scintillator technology. Image intensifiers such as these converts X ray to light and then convert them to video signals. These image intensifiers cause data loss through spatial resolution process of light scattering. Shimadzu Safire Technology has developed image intensifiers that directly convert the image without light process pass providing superior image quality and spatial resolution.


Medical Ultrasound scanner

Shimadzu has developed a range of high quality medical ultrasound scanner systems. Medical ultrasound scanner systems are available in variety of digital and compact formats. Medical ultrasound scanners from Shimadzu provide optimal environment for efficient and accurate diagnosis. The company has developed high standards in medical ultrasound scanner for system reliability and efficiency. Shimadzu has years of ultrasound experience with hardware, software and transducer technology which has been deployed in developing medical ultrasound scanner. The medical ultrasound scanner thus developed provides superior image quality, total clinical data control and improved results. Medical ultrasound scanners have ODS (Optimal Dynamic Structure) design for high speed and quite scanning.

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