Healthcare Information Technology

Healthcare Information Technology entails the devices, technologies and software solutions employed to assimilate, evaluate and impart health information. Herein, through the medium of computerised information, fiscal and enterprise management is carried out to comprehensively administer health information.  In addition to this, Healthcare Information Technology also contrives a network cloud for safe transmission of information between consumers, providers, government and quality entities as well as insurers.

Electronic medical records (EMR), Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), bar-coding at medication dispensing (BarD), robot for medication dispensing (ROBOT), automated dispensing machines (ADM), electronic medication administration records (EMAR) and bar-coding at medication administration (BarA) are some of the components that fall under the category of information technology within the healthcare industry.

Below is a list of suppliers who specialise in providing products and services related to Healthcare Information Technology: