Blood Banking

Blood Banking entails the assimilation of various blood groups and storing them for usage in the medical domain. The process of assimilation, separation as well as storage is a highly procedural one and employs paraphernalia as well as specific equipment to efficiently carry it out.  The requirements fulfilled by our listed suppliers cater to a multitude of needs pertinent to Blood Banking. These could be transfusion service, Aphaeresis Unit, Stem Cell Laboratory (for cold blood banking), Tissue Banking and surgical conveniences for the Hospitals.

The products which are generally instrumental to the Blood Banking system are refrigerators, storage freezers, platelet incubators, Inkless chart recorders, Blood collection monitors, data loggers, plasma freezers, platelet agitators, blood thawing devices and testing, centrifuges and clevofuges, microprocessor controlled compufuges etc.

Below is a list of suppliers who specialise in providing products and services related to Blood Banking: