General Medical Range

Our general medical range consists of all our latest and essential general medical products. The Timesco general medical range provides a complete and focused range for medical professionals in all areas of primary patient care.

Our company has included various new products and have also expanded many of our existing product categories to offer a more comprehensive product range. We manufacture our products based on international quality standards to ensure consistency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

At  Timesco,  we  strive  to  build  close  working  partnerships  with  our  customers,  ensuring  transparency  and support  throughout  the  entire  procurement  and  aftercare  sales  process.

Product Range: Pink products, Stethoscopes, Sphygmomanometer&Stethoscope Sets, Blood Pressure Monitors, Diagnostic Products, Diagnostic Sets, Pocket Diagnostic Products, Pen Torches, Percussor Hammers, Fob Watches, Tourniquets, Thermometers, Nebulisers, Resuscitators, Resuscitation Aids, Face Masks, Airway Products, Suction Devices & Consumables, Pulse Oximeters, Utility Scissors, Equipment Bags, Dopplers & Scales.

Other Products

Surgical Instruments

Podiatry Range

Single Use Laryngoscope Handles & Blades

Reusable Laryngoscope Handles & Blades