Instrument Professional Washers

These washers are used for decontamination of surgical instrument, especially hollow instruments used for mini-invasive surgery and for the treatment of anaesthesia circuits for reconditioning. The washing chamber of the washer is manufactured from AISI 316 L stainless steel, which is resistant to strong acids. The plastic material used in these washers is extremely heat-resistant, inert and offers excellent resistance to corrosive substances and selected organic solvents. These washers perform thermal disinfecting cycles at 95°C and maintain this temperature for 10 minutes. Thermal disinfection has a fungicidal, bactericidal viruscidal effect, including elimination of HBV and HIV. These washers incorporate thermolabile instruments that enable them to carry out thermal chemical disinfection using a suitable disinfectant at a temperature not greater than 65°C. Various models offered under this category include GW3050H, GW4050H, GW5050H, GW6000H.

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