LED O.T. Lamps

LED O.T Lamps is available in different options like


  • 9X 4 LED 21 - LED FOUR Reflector Single Dome Ceiling Lamp
  • 9X 4 LED 22 - LED FOUR Reflector Double Dome Ceiling Lamp
  • 9X 4 LED 23 - LED FOUR Reflector Stand Model Lamp



Led O.T. Lamps Specifications



  • Each dome having four reflectors system mounted on separate arms.
  • Special sterilizable handle fitted in center of each dome for easy positioning.
  • Dome perfectly balanced with spring this gives high vertical flexibility.
  • Can be rotated in full 3600 horizontally.
  • Total structure is made up of non-corrosive stainless steel & Aluminum So no effect of corrosive atmosphere due to fumigation.
  • for light brightness step-less control
  • Working distance: 70 cm


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