Lindo® Touchscreen Control Panel

The Lindo® Touchscreen Control Panel is a hospital computer for controlling Operating Theater processes and environment.

The interactive display of the touch screen control panel allows the OT team to get information about medical gases, HVAC systems, and electrical systems, and can monitor and regulate related parameters.


  • Analog clock and digital stopwatch
  • Temperature and relative humidity display
  • Day/Night mode
  • Light intensity controller
  • Lock-Unlock screen
  • Surgical gloves not necessary to handle panel


  • Amount of gases (including carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen)
  • Humidity percentage and temperature gradient
  • Ventilation
  • Environment statistics

The Lindo® Touchscreen Control Panel can be installed both on the Lindo® System and on other types of wall materials – gypsum board, brick wall and other prefabricated cladding walls.

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