Reagent Packs

Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt Ltd is a premier alternative manufacturer of Reagents and consumables for Blood Gas, Hematology and Electrolyte worldwide. Over Six years of experience within the in vitro diagnostics industry has enabled to engineer a technologically advanced product line of replacement reagents, calibrators and quality controls with extensive instrument coverage and analyze breadth.


Through exceptionally competitive pricing arrangements, Sensa Core can offer remarkable value to customers in search of quality-engineered consumables that deliver superior performance and reliability. Instrument coverage presently encompasses over 20 different analyzers from prominent manufacturers like AVL/Starlyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Diamond/Starlyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Diamond/Gemlyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Medica Easylyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Diamond Prolyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Siemens 248/348 Electrolyte Analyzer Electrolyte Analyzers, and Ciba Corning Electrolyte Analyzer Electrolyte Analyzers.


Other Products

Electrolyte Analyzer ST-100

Electrolyte Analyzer ST-200

Gluco Spark