Over Six years of research expertise has enabled Sensa Core Medical Instrumentation Pvt Ltd to engineer multiple product suites of Ion Selective Electrodes that operate seamlessly across almost 20 different Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzers. Every electrode manufactured by Sensa Core is guaranteed with the same usage warranty and performance benchmarks as those offered by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Sensa Core provides clinical laboratories and hospitals with an alternative source for quality-engineered replacement electrodes – at competitive prices difficult for the OEMs to match. Listed below are the most salient features of electrode product suites designed for use with AVL, Medica, and Bayer diagnostics systems. Sensa Core develops electrodes for several analyzer types Alfa Wasserman Starlyte III Electrolyte Analyzers, Beckman LabLyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Dade Behring Dimension ES / AR Electrolyte Analyzers, Dupont (Na/K) / (Na/K/Cl) Electrolyte Analyzers, Idexx VetLyte Electrolyte Analyzers,  AVL/Starlyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Diamond/Starlyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Diamond/Gemlyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Medica Easylyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Diamond Prolyte Electrolyte Analyzers, Siemens 248/348 Electrolyte Analyzer Electrolyte Analyzers, and Ciba Corning Electrolyte Analyzer Electrolyte Analyzers.

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