Latex Long Cuff Gloves

PRIMUS has come up with a new type of gloves called STERILE LONG CUFF GLOVES which have got multipurpose usage in medical industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry.   These gloves are made up of natural rubber latex and as the name suggests is longer than the normal gloves.  These gloves come in two lengths of 16 in and 18 in., both Powdered and Powder FREE, ambidextrous in nature. In medical field this product can be used as a Gynecology Gloves, Oncology Labs, Old age homes etc and in the pharmaceutical industry, this is used for handling formulations, tablets etc. The Powder FREE version comes with Polymer Coating also. The Powdered Gloves are   sterilized by EO (Ethylene Oxide Gas) and Powder FREE by Gamma radiation.  Packing of the glove is based on specifications by the customer. NON Sterile version of this product is also available.

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