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Paediatric Urology

Our paediatric urology service provides specialist care for children with kidney, bladder and genitalia problems from all over the UK and internationally. Our team works closely with the kidney and bladder department.


Many of the children cared for by our specialist team will have been diagnosed before they were born with many others developing kidney and bladder problems during their childhood. We treat children from prenatal scanning right up to the move to adult care.


The service specialises in prenatally diagnosed urinary tract problems (e.g. hydronephrosis, cystic kidneys), posterior urethral valves, genital abnormalities (e.g. hypospadias), bladder problems (e.g. urinary incontinence), renal stones and pre and post-renal transplant management.


Our paediatric nephro-urology service


  • Cares for children throughout their childhood into adulthood
  • Offers both outpatient and inpatient services for planned and emergency treatment
  • Has a dedicated chronic kidney disease service
  • Has integrated dialysis facilities, offering both peritoneal dialysis (home based) and haemodialysis (hospital based)
  • Offers renal transplantation services


Beach, the paediatric renal and urology inpatient floor contains 18 beds, including four cubicles for children with infections that may need isolation. Crab zone, the integrated dialysis unit is located on Beach. The inpatient service is covered by one consultant nephrologist and a consultant urologist on call on a weekly basis.




We are actively involved in research projects and clinical trials to improve urology treatment. One of our current projects is on regenerative medicine with the aim of developing a tissue engineered bladder for children who need complex bladder reconstruction.




  • General urology clinic
  • Posterior urethral valves (PUV) clinic
  • Foreskin clinic
  • Complex urology clinic
  • Young onset urology clinic – for children and young adults whose care is moving to adult services.
  • Perinatal clinic – a specialist clinic for conditions detected whilst having an ultrasound when pregnant.
  • Anorectal malformation VACTERL clinic
  • Telephone clinic
  • Stone clinic
  • Joint endocrine urology clinic – a specialist clinic for children with both urological and endocrine conditions.
  • Hypospadias clinic

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