Chestgraph HI-101

This spirometry system called CHESTGRAPH HI-101 is used for testing asthma, COPD and other respiratory failure problems that are coming in adults. This machine also evaluates middle-aged smokers and people with chronic cough and sputum. This spirometry system is ideal for clinics and relies on a simple button press operation that completes the test in minutes. This system can be carried very easily because of its compact size. This is an accurate evaluation system owing to its sensors.


Spirometry can be performed on adults as well as children and infants.






  • For the diagnosis of bronchial asthma,pulmonary emphysema,chronicle bronchitis,pulmonary fibrosis,pneumoconiosos, or tuberculosis, and for the assessment of therapeutic effects for these diseases.
  • For testing subjects with sputum or cough
  • For the diagnosis of shortness of breath or respiratory failure and identifying casuses of these symptoms.
  • Assessing the effects of smoking or air pollution
  • Assessing the effects of aging upon the respiratory organs
  • Pre-operative test for anaesthesia or surgical operation
  • Test for upper airway narrowing
  • Collective screening at companies and schools
  • Management of patients receiving bronchodilators


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